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1960 (:

1955 under the Eisenhower administration and ended in 1975 under the Ford administration.


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the Vietnam war occur from 1965-1968

No the Cold War was the reason why the Vietnam War happened.

it occured because it could so deal with it!

To preserve the RVN from a communist take-over.

No, the Vietnam War was in Vietnam

The Vietnam War ended in 1975.

With North Vietnam (not Vietnam; Vietnam was created after the war). No, the US did not win the war.

the war between Vietnam and the USA the winner was Vietnam

See: Vietnam War & Statistics about the Vietnam War

Air war-North Vietnam Ground war-South Vietnam

Q who was the victor of the Vietnam war? A I have no idea who won the Vietnam war!!!!

A military officer that fought in the Vietnam War. A Vietnam War soldier would be a "soldier that fought in the Vietnam War.

Air war over North Vietnam. Ground war in South Vietnam; Riverine war in South Vietnam.

The Vietnamese lived in Vietnam during the Vietnam War.

Yes. Vietnam was a French colony. They lost a Vietnam War and were thrown out of Vietnam before America tried to win a war in Vietnam. America also lost a Vietnam War.

The Korean War came after the Vietnam War.

North Vietnam stopped the Vietnam War; by winning it.

It is not really "who ended the Vietnam war?" but "how did the Vietnam war end?" in which case i do not have the answer too.

Vietnam War is a civil war because it was North Vietnam vs South Vietnam.

1959-1975. However, the major U.S. military involvement was from 1965 to 1973.

The Vietnam War was a product of the "Cold War."

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