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Vikings explored the shores of North America during so called Viking Age, the period from their earliest recorded raids in the 790s until the conquest of England in 1066.

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Q: When did the Vikings explore the coastlines of North America?
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When did the vikings explore the North American Coastlines?

The exact date of the first contact Vikings had with the coastlines of North America is unknown. Evidence, however, suggests that the first contact came about sometime in the Tenth Century AD.

Why did the vikings explore North America?

Vikings explored North America to find new land for their colonies.

Did the vikings explore India?

No, they explored North America

Who was the vikings explore in north America?

Leaf Erikson

Why did the vikings explore?

Vikings explorerd North America and the North Atlantic ocean to find new colonies.

Where did the vikings explore?

found norh America and north pacific

Where did the vikings explore in north America?

Newfoundland and Nova Scotia.

Where did vikings explore in north America?

Newfoundland, Nova Scotia.

Did the vikings explore north America?

Yes, vikings did reach the continent of North America, hundreds of years before Columbus. The vikings landed in Greenland and Canada, and there was even a settlement in Newfoundland.

Did Europeans explore North America?

Saint Brendan, 550AD, and then the Vikings are reputed to have visited North America. MOC

Who were the first Europeans to explore the North American continent?

Spanish explorers were the first Europeans to explore North America.

Who was the first to explore North America?


What region did john cabot explore?

He was the first European since the Vikings to explore the mainland of North America and the first to search for the Northwest Passage.

What parts of the world did the Vikings not explore?

Vikings made it into North America, Northern Europe, and western Asia (founding modern Russia). They may have gone into North Africa. They apparently did not journey to South America, Australia, or Antarctica.

Why did the vikings want to come to North America?

why did the vikings want to come to north america???

When did the vikings reach north America?

The vikings reached north america in 5454 hoka

Why did Columbus explore North America?

Columbus did not explore North America but he did explore: South America, The Caribbean Islands and Central America.

What was the first European nation to land and explore north America?

The Vikings came 500 years before Columbus landed in Hispaniola ( he never landed in the North America mainland)

When did the europeans begin to exploring north America?

The vikings were the first to explore the USA. They went there to pillage and plunder and then return to europe.

What is the possessive noun the the sentence Did Greenland's Vikings explore North America first?

The possessive noun is Greenland's, indicated by the apostrophe -s.

What did colombus not explore?

He didn’t explore North America, or Central America.

What are the major accomplishments of john Cabot?

he was the first european since the vikings to explore the mainland of north america and the first to search the northwest passage.

Which continets have coastlines on the Atlantic ocean?

North America, South America, Europe and Africa

What 2 countries in south America have a coastline?

what two countries in north america have coastlines?

Leif eriksson vikings to North America?

Yes. He led a group of Vikings, who became the first Europeans to land in North America.