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Yellowstone Caldera last erupting about 700,000 years ago.

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Q: When did the Yellowstone erupt?
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Related questions

Why will the Yellowstone vocano erupt in your lifetime?

There is no reason to believe Yellowstone will erupt any time in the next century.

When did Yellowstone last erupt?

last year

If Yellowstone would erupt, will it reach Arizona?


How long ago did the Yellowstone erupt?


When did Yellowstone Erupt?

About 640,000 thousand years ago was the last time Yellowstone erupted..

How often does Yellowstone erupt?

more than my dick

When will Yellowstone supervolcano erupt?

Currently, there is no indication that Yellowstone will have a super volcano to erupt. The activity at Yellowstone has remain constant since earth scientists had first started to monitor it over 30 years ago.

Is Yellowstone expected to erupt soon?

No. Contrary to claims that Yellowstone is "overdue" for an eruption, there is no indication of danger.

When was the last time Yellowstone National Park volcano erupt?

70,000 years

When did the Yellowstone super volcano erupt?

like over 700,000 years ago

Will yellowstone really erupt in the year 2012?

I consider an eruption in Yellowstone in 2012 VERY unlikely, mostly because it's now 2013.

What type of magma does Yellowstone erupt?

Yellowstone has erupted both basaltic and rhyolitic magma. The devastating super eruptions involve rhyolitic magma.

When well yellow stone erupt?

Scientists do not know exactly when Yellowstone will erupt. Most likely in a few million years or so (estimate).

When did Yellowstone erupt last?

Yellowstone's last magma eruption was about 70,000 years ago. The last super eruption was approximately 640,000 years ago.

Did the Yellowstone Volcano erupt?

Yes. It erupted 3 time in the last 2.1 million years

When will the Yellowstone Park volcano erupt?

This highly controversial question cannot be answered, as the future is uncertain.

Will Yellowstone super volcano erupt in 2012?

It is extremely unlikely. Currently, there is no indication that something is developing.

When did Yellowstone first erupt?

The first known giant eruption was 2.1 million years ago

Is the Yellowstone caldera active?

Most scientists believe that Yellowstone is not truly active and that they would be able to detect if the Yellowstone volcano was going to erupt years before it erupted. But there is no way to no for sure if the Yellowstone caldera is truly active (building up for an eruption).

Did the Yellowstone volcano erupt in 1-12-2009?

No. The last eruption of the Yellowstone volcano was about 70,000 years ago. Its last super eruption was 640,000 years ago.

Why did the Yellowstone super volcano erupt in your lifetime?

It didn't. The Yellowstone volcano last erupted about 70,000 years ago. The last super eruption was about 640,000 years ago.

When will the volcano in Yellowstone errupt?

Yellowstone is a super-volcano. It erupts roughly every 600 thousand years, and the last eruption was about 640 thousand years ago, so we are 'overdue'. It is unclear when Yellowstone will erupt, but if it does, it will be quite a terrible event.

Will Yellowstone erupt because of plate tectonics?

Yes. It's only a question of when, which is why the supervolcano's caldera is closely monitored.

How large is Yellowstone's Supervolcano?

The super volcano at Yellowstone National Park is 35 miles by 45 in diameter. It is one of the largest volcanoes in the world and when it does erupt it will likely cause a mass extinction.

What is a volcano that has not erupted but might erupt in the future?

The Yellowstone national park is under a lava chamber. Its on a super volcano. It will erupt but in the future. It may cover half the United States in ashes.