When did the atomic bomb created?

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Who created the atomic bomb?

No single person created the atomic bomb. A large number of peopleneeded to work together on different parts of the total project toproduce a workable theory and then a functi

Why was the atomic bomb created?

To save millions more lives that would have been spent in a drawn out conventional war with imperial Japan, the scientists in the United States (ahead of Nazi Germany, who was

When was the atomic bomb created?

Im not 100 per-cent sure, but it definetly was created after the world war one and two, i need a percific date, but not sure when.. will update when i know. :) Thanks! Ox .

How was the atomic bomb created?

Read Richard Rhode's book: The Making of the Atomic Bomb , it will explain it in much greater detail than anyone here could.

Who created the ATOM BOMB?

The Manhattan Project , a project involving hundreds of scientists, hundreds of engineers, thousands of technicians, and tens of thousands of workers of many types (who had n

Does the atomic bomb create energy?

In a classical context, yes - an atomic bomb releases more energy than could by liberated through exothermic chemical reactions, and therefore the energy could be said to be c

Why where atomic bombs created?

Since the beginning of time man has found new and better ways of extinguishing his enemy. When OG came out with the first rock to throw, Mog found a way to throw it with a str

Why did us create the atomic bomb?

To destroy its enemies in order to end WW2, without it the war would have gone on a lot longer and more lives would have been lost.
In Japan in WW2

How are nukes and atomic bombs created?

Reading Richard Rhodes books: The Making of the Atomic Bomb and Dark Sun will help you understand this.