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In the 1980s

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โˆ™ 2008-03-23 14:36:01
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Q: When did the band Super Nova begin?
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Is super nova a band?

There were a reality television formed supergroup. See related link for more information.

Where is super nova on Habbo?

A super nova is a very rare item of furniture.

When was Big Band Bossa Nova created?

Big Band Bossa Nova was created in 1961.

Why do planets go into super nova?

a super nova is not something that anything goes into. A SUPER NOVA is a part of a stars life cycle when it explodes. THEN all the dust and chips of the star reunite in a super nova remnent forming a COMPLETELY NEW STAR.

Who is supernova?

A super nova isn't a person. A super-nova is a high mass star's explosion.

Did our solar system form from a super nova?

No a super nova didnt jesus created our universe

Is a super nova a planet?

A super nova is a sun of a certain size exploding at the end of its life.

Is a super nova and a super nebula different?


What is the super giant star called?

A Super Nova.

How do you do super nova on Super Smash Bros Brawl?

You cannot get super nova i have all the melee stages and normal one as well as all the characters

Is a supernova bigger than a red giant?

It all depends. What stage the super nova is at and what type of star the super nova was.

Who sings supernova?

super nova

Is super nova the big bang?


When will there be a super nova explosion?

It's a big universe, and super nova explosions happen all the time in some galaxy somewhere, not necessarily in our own. If you want to know when there will be a super nova in our own galaxy, the exact timing is not predictable.

What is the final stage of life in a large star?

a nova super nova (death of star)

Which star will be the next to go into super-nova?

One of the stars in the constellation of O'Ryan

Does eminem have a song named super nova?


How do you say super nova in Latin?


What is an exploading star called?

a super-nova

Where is gold born?

In a super nova explosion.

Who are the Super Novas?

Super Nova is a explosion of a red giant or a red supergiant.

Is there such thing as a meta-nova?

A meta-nova is a quazar of energy belted from a 45 lightyear distant supernova forming radioactive build-up resulting in a meta-nova or x10,000 super nova

What is the plural of nova?

The plural form of nova is novas, e.g.Super novas are very seldom occurrences

What makes black holes?

a super nova explosion

What is a star formed from a super nova?

A Neutron Star