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1892 which is the year displayed on Collingwood's Logo

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Why are magpies protected there mean and annoying and you cant kill them?

because everyone loves collingwood magpies because everyone loves collingwood magpies

What actors and actresses appeared in AFL Sunday - 2002?

The cast of AFL Sunday - 2002 includes: Luke Ball as Himself - Collingwood Magpies Dayne Beams as Himself - Collingwood Magpies Tom Bellchambers as Himself - Essendon Bombers Jarrod Blair as Himself - Collingwood Magpies Jye Bolton as Himself - Collingwood Magpies Nathan Brown as Himself - Collingwood Magpies Alex Browne as Himself - Essendon Bombers Jake Carlisle as Himself - Essendon Bombers Jinathon Ceglar as Himself - Collingwood Magpies Travis Cloke as Himself - Collingwood Magpies Travis Colyer as Himself - Essendon Bombers Dennis Cometti as Himself - Commentator Stewart Crameri as Himself - Essendon Bombers Paul Cribbin as Himself - Collingwood Magpies Darcy Daniher as Himself - Essendon Bombers Alwyn Davey as Himself - Essendon Bombers Chris Dawes as Himself - Collingwood Magpies Courtenay Dempsey as Himself - Essendon Bombers Brad Dick as Himself - Collingwood Magpies Alan Didak as Himself - Collingwood Magpies Rick Dyson as Himself - Essendon Bombers Alex Fasolo as Himself - Collingwood Magpies Tyson Goldsack as Himself - Collingwood Magpies Scxott Gumbleton as Himself - Essendon Bombers Kyle Hardingham as Himself - Essendon Bombers Dyson Heppell as Himself - Essendon Bombers Michael Hibberd as Himself - Essendon Bombers David Hille as Himself - Essendon Bombers James Hird as Himself - Essendon Bombers coach Heath Hocking as Himself - Essendon Bombers Cale Hooker as Himself - Essendon Bombers Ben Howlett as Himself - Essendon Bombers Leroy Jetta as Himself - Essendon Bombers Darren Jolly as Himself - Collingwood Magpies Lachlan Keeffe as Himself - Collingwood Magpies Andrew Krakouer as Himself - Collingwood Magpies Sam Lonergan as Himself - Essendon Bombers Garry Lyon as Himself - Commentator Brent Macaffer as Himself - Collingwood Magpies Mick Malthouse as Himself - Collingwood Magpies coach Nick Maxwell as Himself - Collingwood Magpies Eddie McGuire as Himself - Host Shae McNamara as Himself - Collingwood Magpies Mark McVeigh as Himself - Essendon Bombers Jake Melksham as Himself - Essendon Bombers Anthony Mithen as Himself - Boundary Rider Angus Monfries as Himself - Essendon Bombers Jay Neagle as Himself - Essendon Bombers Tayte Pears as Himself - Essendon Bombers Scott Pendlebury as Himself - Collingwood Magpies Jack Perham as Himself - Collingwood Magpies Brent Prismall as Himself - Essendon Bombers Ben Reid as Himself - Collingwood Magpies Declan Reilly as Himself - Collingwood Magpies Kyle Reimers as Himself - Essendon Bombers Luke Rounds as Himself - Collingwood Magpies Dwayne Russell as Himself - Commentator Patrick Ryder as Himself - Essendon Bombers Paul Seedsman as Himself - Collingwood Magpies Taite Silverlock as Himself - Essendon Bombers Tyson Slattery as Himself - Essendon Bombers Henry Slattery as Himself - Essendon Bombers Ariel Steinberg as Himself - Essendon Bombers Jobe Watson as Himself - Essendon Bombers Jason Winderlich as Himself - Essendon Bombers David Zaharakis as Himself - Essendon Bombers

Which AFL team has the most supporters?

The Collingwood Magpies

Who won the AFL Premiership in 1990?

It was the Collingwood Magpies

What is the name of the collingwood Magpies captain?

nick maxwell

What team has the most players in AFL?

collingwood magpies

Who's nickname in English Football is the Magpies?

Newcastle United F.C. is commonly referred to as 'The Magpies'. Of course the Magpies in AFL refers to the Collingwood Football Club.

Where did the Adelaide Crows play the Collingwood Magpies on first week of February this year?


Which sport is played by the Collingwood Magpies?

AFL, or Australian Football League - Football (Australian Rules)

Who won the 2008 goal of the year in AFL?

Leon Davis from the Collingwood Magpies Football Club.

Which West Australians have played for the Collingwood Magpies?

Countless!! The most notable that immediately come to mind were the Richardson brothers - one of whom became Collingwood captain. They came from South Fremantle.

Who are the 2010 Premiers?

Collingwood. The Collingwood Magpies defeated the St. Kilda Saints by 56 points in the grand final replay. The final was replayed as a result of the draw the first time around.

What is the collingwood theme song lyrics?

From the official Collingwood website: Good old Collingwood forever, we know how to play the game. Side by side we stick together, to uphold The Magpies name. Hear the barrackers a shouting, as all barrackers should, Oh, the premiership's a cakewalk For the good old Collingwood.

What afl team won the 2002 grand final?

The Brisbane Lions beat the Collingwood Magpies in the 2002 Grand Final.

What are the words to the Collingwood theme song?

"Good old Collingwood forever They know how to play the game Side by side they stick together To uphold the Magpies name See the barrackers a shouting As all barrackers should Oh, the premiership's a cakewalk For the good old Collingwood!"

What was the score of the AFL Grand Final?

2010 - Collingwood Magpies 68 dr. St Kilda Saints 68 replay - Collingwood Magpies 108 def. St Kilda Saints 52 (Collingwood by 56 points) 2009 - Geelong Cats 80 def. St Kilda Saints 68 (Geelong by 12 points) 2008 - Hawthorn Hawks 115 def. Geelong Cats 89 (Hawthorn won by 26 points)

What is the plural possessive of the word magpie?

The plural form for the noun magpie is magpies; the plural possessive is magpies'.

How many members does the collingwood magpies have?

For season 2011 as of 22/02/2011 there are 53,244 members. Members need to renew each year. The club's target for 2011 is 70,000.

Is geelong cats going to be 2011 premiers?

Yes, the Gelong Cats will beat the collingwood magpies 18. 11. 119 to 12.9. 8. It will be the Cats third premiership in five years

Why do Collingwood and Essendon play in the Anzac Day Match?

The idea for the current form of the match came from then Essendon coach Kevin Sheedy. He involved Collingwood due to their huge following.The idea for the current form of the match came from then Essendon coach Kevin Sheedy. He involved Collingwood due to their huge following.

What is the collective noun for a group of magpies?

The collective nouns for magpies are:a charm of magpiesa congregation of magpiesa flock of magpiesa gulp of magpiesa murder of magpiesa tiding of magpiesa tittering of magpiesa tribe of magpiesThe tiding or charm may come from the British Isles rhyme that gives meaning to the number of magpies encountered.The rhyme goes like this:One for sorrowTwo for joyThree for a girlFour for a boyFive for youngSix for oldSeven for a secret never to be told

What AFL team has won the second most AFL premierships?

The question is actually invalid, because both Essendon and Carlton have won the most at 16 premierships each. Therefore, the next team will have won the third most AFL Premierships; and that is Collingwood. The Collingwood Magpies have won 15, but they have lost many more grand finals than they have won!

When was The Magpies created?

The Magpies was created in 1964.

What year did collingwood join the AFL?

Collingwood is personally my favourite AFL team. And for shore Collingwood was formed in 1892.

When did 'Collingwood' win there first premiership?