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When did the crusades happened?


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the crusades happened in the 1100 's.


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Northern Crusades happened in 12##.

The Christian's did not believe what the Muslims believed in. THIS STARTED THE CRUSADES.

The Crusades took place in a bunch of places, but mostly in Central Europe.

The Crusades happened when they did because the Muslims had tacken the holy city of Jerusalem in the 7th century

In the year 1071 in Crusades the Seljuqs crushed an imperial army. This was back in history.

The Crusades to the Holy Land all happened during the High Middle Ages. There were later military actions also called Crusades that happened in other places. An example was the Hussite Crusade, which happened in Central Europe during the period of 1420 to 1434.

The Crusades happened in the high and late middle ages. The pope declared the first crusade in the year 1095.

they got ended in 1213 by the third crudade

The Crusades began and ended.

Feudalism didn't die out completely from the Crusades. The Crusades helped it lessen a bit. This happened because nobles who joined the Crusades sold their land and freed the serfs. This reduced their power and enabled the kings to build stronger central governments.

The Crusades were a series of holly wars waged by Catholic countries in Europe. The purpose of the war was to free the land of Israel from the Muslim rule.

the crusades happened because a lot of poius people that believed that they were better than anyone else went to `liberate' a perfectly happy country.

The same reason all wars happen: Greed of The Chaldean thieves. === ===

the crusades came to a close. then raved and partyed hard with lots of champange popping!

When the Christians came; they would kill the Muslims.

they ate grapes and they fought with bananas. they would lick each others bananas

The fourth crusade was launched in 1201 by Pope Eugenisus III

There were eight major crusades that happened in the world. All of them were out of religious conflicts mainly between Christians and Muslims and so many people lost their lives.

An example of exploration to the east would be the Crusades. The Crusades happened for multiple reasons one was to flush out heretics and Muslims and the other was to get the riches that the East held in store.

True and false! The Crusades were pretty much a fail, but it did effect the way life and politics happened in Europe in a good way.

There are two types of crusades: the political crusades and the religious crusades. The crusades are used to win new converts and inform. Political crusades are usually used for power and fame.

The Crusades began in 1095. The objective was to insure that the Holy land was made safe from Muslims. In total there were nine crusades.

The first crusade was the first of a number of crusades that took place to capture ... "Christians, hasten to help your brothers in the East, for they are being attacked. ... through Italy, then Eastern Europe and then through what is now Turkey.The Crusades happened when the Muslims had taken the holy city of Jerusalem.

Very few women ever went on the Crusades, those that did were usually present as cheap prostitutes, cooks, or weavers to mend shredded cloth, also they were medics. Women that were captured in the Crusades were often raped so many killed themselves before capture.

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