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When did the crusades take place?

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The Pope at the time was Urban the 2nd and to wage war against the pagans, Jews, Muslims and enemies of the pope.

This was also to recapture the holy land.

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wow did the crusades take place

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The crusades took place in palestine wich the Muslims, Chrictians, Jews called the holy place.

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1. What were the Crusades? They were a series of military campaigns. 2. Why were the Crusades fought? They were fighting for Jerusalem. 3. Who were the participants in the Crusades? The Christians and the Muslims. 4. Where did the majority of battles take place? Jerusalem. 5. When did the Crusades take place? 1095 AD - 1291 AD. 6. What was the outcome of the Crusades. Christians lost the military part of it. Europe's Renaissance greatly benefited from all the arts.

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