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When did the crusades take place?

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The Pope at the time was Urban the 2nd and to wage war against the pagans, Jews, Muslims and enemies of the pope.

This was also to recapture the holy land.

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Q: When did the crusades take place?
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In which century did the crusades take place?

in .......

How did the cruadaes tack place?

wow did the crusades take place

When did the crusades take plase?

The crusades took place in palestine wich the Muslims, Chrictians, Jews called the holy place.

What time did the Crusades take place?

1200-1300 AD

What country did the crusades take place in?

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How long ago did the crusades take place?

1000 years

Who were the participants in the crusades?

1. What were the Crusades?They were a series of military campaigns.2. Why were the Crusades fought?They were fighting for Jerusalem.3. Who were the participants in the Crusades?The Christians and the Muslims.4. Where did the majority of battles take place?Jerusalem.5. When did the Crusades take place?1095 AD - 1291 AD.6. What was the outcome of the Crusades.Christians lost the military part of it. Europe's Renaissance greatly benefited from all the arts.

When did the four main crusades take place?

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What general area did the crusades take place?

If you want to be very general, all of them took place in Europe.

What century did crusades take place?

in the middle ages around 1096-1099

Where did the conflict of the crusades take place?

In the middle-east, around Israel and Jordan

Where did most of the fighting take place during the crusades?

Jerusalem and The Holy Land

How many crusades took place?

Four Crusades, with other negligible crusades.

Why did the crusaders take place?

The crusades were the European Christians response to Muslims holding Jerusalem.

Where did the first crusades take place?

it started in France ended in the holy lands (israel)

On what continent did the actual fighting of the Crusades take place?

It took place in Europe as one of the Crusades went to Constantinople, modern-day Istanbul. It took place in Africa as another one of the Crusades went to Tunisia to try and establish a foothold there. The rest of the Crusades were fought in Asia Minor (modern-day Turkey) and the Middle-East. Make your own mind what continent Israel's on.

Did the crusades take place in AD?

Yes, it was in AD. More specifically, it was taken place right before the middle ages.

Why did the crusades take place?

the crusades were a series of military campaigns during the time of medival England against the Muslims of the middle east. the crusades originally had the goal of recapturing Jerusalem and the holy land from Muslim rule

What time period did the story Rapunzel take place?

Around the Crusades in Italy (1200s-1300s)

When did the crusades take place and how long did it last?

they started in 1098 and ended in 1272 do your math: 177 years

Did the eastern orthodox church fight in the crusades?

No, it did not take part in the Crusades.

Where does the Crusades Happened?

The Crusades took place in a bunch of places, but mostly in Central Europe.

When did the 4 main crusades take place?

Israel, Egypt, the Late Byzantine Empire, Spain or Northern Africa

What was the aim of the crusades?

The goal of the crusades was to take the Holy lands and to conker the muslams.

Why did people take part in crusades?

from what countries did the fours biggest crusades begin?