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it was last seen in mauritius 1651

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Where did the dodo bird die out?

Maritius island

Is a dodo bird a dinosour?

No, a dodo bird is a bird not a dinosaur.

When did the last dodo bird die?

Year 1681

Was the dodo bird an omnivore?

No,the dodo bird is a herbivor.

What are facts about a dodo bird?

Well acording to my calculations a dodo bird is an extinct bird in Africa and it is very dodo

Is a dodo bird an actual bird?

The dodo was an actual bird that is now extinct

How did the last dodo bird die?

the last dodo die because scientists take it to zoo in England . it don,t like the food ,weather and it die

What family is the dodo bird?

The Dodo bird belong to raphidea family

Which bird came first dodo birds or kiwi bird?

The dodo.

What children's book is about a dodo bird and a secret world?

the dodo bird

What bird is related to the dodo bird?

The Dodo was related to Pigeons and Doves.

How does the dodo bird reproduce?

The Dodo bird reproduces by laying eggs.

Where is the dodo bird?

the dodo bird is not alive today but was alive at the Mauritius island.

In the 1860's the bird the became extinct?

the DODO bird you dodo

How often does a dodo bird lay a egg and how meany?

The Dodo bird is extinct.

What extinct tree nut did the dodo bird eat?

The dodo bird ate the Tambalacoque tree,also known as the "dodo tree". This is about the same question as "Did the dodo bird eat the dodo tree?" exept that it was more specific.

Is a dodo bird endangered?

No, the dodo is extinct.

What is a dodo bird and are they real?

yes a dodo bird is real if type in google dodo bird look what pops up you idiot....seriously whoo ask this question ur a dodo idiot

What is the taxonomic rank of a dodo bird?

well,toxonomic ranks of a dodo bird depends on the species and age of the bird. if we are talking about a common dodo bird, the taxonomic rank is from 7-10

What bird is not smart?

The dodo bird.

Where was the dodo bird last seen?

Dodo bird was last seen in the island of Mauritius.

How do you tell a boy dodo bird from a girl dodo bird?

I dont know, why did you ask me

What is the height of the dodo bird?

The height of a Dodo bird is roughly a metre.

Are the dodo birds the national bird of Switzerland?

no, the dodo bird is the national bird of Mauritius Island Switzerland does not have an official national bird.

What does the dodo bird need to survive?

the dodo tree

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