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Eiger Labs MPMan F10 and F20 in the Summer of 1998

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Q: When did the first MP3 player come out?
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What came first mp3 or iPod?

The iPod is a brand of .mp3 player, so the .mp3 had to come first.

do mp3 players come with a remote?

Whether or not an mp3 player comes with a remote depends on the particular mp3 player that you are looking at. Some mp3 players come with remotes and some mp3 players don't have remotes.

When was the MP3 created?

the first successful mp3 player was invented in 1997. in 1990 frauenhofer developed the first mp3 player but it was unsuccessful.:)

Do many mp3 players come with a remote control?

It really depends on what type of mp3 player you want. Most of the mp3 players that have a remote were made for your car or truck. Most mp3 player docks come with remotes.

What year did mp3 players come out in?

The first mass-produced MP3 player was created in 1997 by SaeHan Information Systems, which domestically sold its "MPMan" player in the middle of 1998. MP3 players hit the main-stream in October 2001 when Apple released the first iPod.

What did the mp3 player first look like?

it kindy looked liked an mp3 player but was a prototype

What was the first brand of mp3 players?

The first brand of MP3 player was made by Creative labs. Apple refined the design and produced the most famous, the i-pod. The first commercially produced portable mp3 player was the iPod by apple which also shows why it is still the number 1 selling mp3 player. However the first mp3 player for the computer which essentially is the first mp3 player (a computer that is) was software named AMP MP3 Playback Engine, That software was then reworked to become WinAMP which is still being used today.

Can you charge an MP3 player with a lemon?

No, you can not charge and MP3 player with a lemon. And come on if you could it would take forever! :D

Who made the first MP3 player?

it was made by a girl that was so bad a maths and then she made the mp3 player

Does a bose mp3 player come with speakers?

No, Bose mp3 players do not come with speakers. You will have to buy the separately. However, some Bose mp3 players have built in speakers. Here are some examples:

Does the MP3 player come with headphones?

Portable MP3 players always come with headphones,but if you're talking about other devices it might not.

Does a coby mp3 player come with headphones?


How do you put pictures on your MP3 Player?

Mp3 players usually reads only Mp3 format files. Pictures come in JPEG format, Gif, Bit and more but not in Mp3 form. So even if you drag your picture to your Mp3 player folder, the Mp3 player wont be able to read the picture file.

Where is it possible to learn how to shuffle my MP3 player?

If you need to learn how to shuffle your MP3 player, first you should try the help menu located on the player. You can also go to the MP3 player's website and search there.

How do you fix a Sony MP3 player?

To fix a Sony MP3 player, first diagnose the problem. You can reset the player by holding in the button by the battery.

Why is the mp3 player invented?

In 1997, developer Tomislav Uzelac of Advanced Multimedia Products invented the first MP3 player which was avalible to public in 1998.Picture of the first MP3 player:

Where was the first mp3 player invented?


What came after the record?

The first mp3 player

How do you sync your mp3 player to LimeWire?

how come lime wire interfered with my mp3 player that's illegal that's my playlist had nothing to do with you i want it off

Is an Ipod better than a mp3 player?

An mp3 player is better by along shot. First of all, mp3 players are cheaper than ipods. Second, you have to pay one dollar a song on an ipod. A mp3 player's songs are all free.

How do you charge your Technika mp3 player?

With every mp3 player, a USB cable always comes with it. You need to first plug your USB into your mp3 player and connect it to your computer or your laptop. Then on your mp3 player, you should see a light appaer on it. Leave the mp3 on charge for at least 3 hours. that is how you charge your Technika mp3 player. hopes it helps :D

Do the mp3 player portable speakers hook up to any mp3 player?

Yes, mp3 player portable speakers hook up to any mp3 player. This is because mp3 player portable speakers hook up to an mp3 player's headphone jack, and all mp3 players have headphone jacks.

What company did the first MP3 Player?

ya mammas

Which brand of boombox comes with a CD player and a place to plug in my MP3 player?

Most brands of boomboxes come with both a cd player and an mp3 player plugin, iSymphony B1B iPod, MP3 and CD Compatible Boombox Music System is an example of one.

Where was the first MP3 player sold?

The first MP3 player was sold in Malaysia. It had only so much space and very large for your once upon a time baggy pockets