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When did the first asteroid hit the earth?


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Approximately 4.6 billion years ago. Earth was formed by many asteroids and protoplanets colliding with one another to form a single object.

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An asteroid would hit earth first

What asteroid? There were several.

No. Occasionally an asteroid is knocked out of the asteroid belt and some of those asteroids eventually hit Earth, but the asteroid belt as a whole will not hit us.

It is inevitable that an asteroid will hit Earth eventually, but there are currently no known asteroids expected to hit Earth in our lifetimes.

There is no record of this event so there is no way of knowing when and what the first hit was.

Technically, if it hits the Earth it's not an "asteroid", it's a "meteorite". And yes, meteorites hit the Earth all the time.

An asteroid will hit the Earth, it is only a question of when. Astronomers are always tracking near earth asteroids, but we currently have no way to prevent an asteroid impact.

no it was not an asteroid that hit the earth, it was kevins big mouth

U.S. astronomers said the giant asteroid could hit the earth in 2014.

Yes. An asteroid probably hit Siberia, in Russia, in June 1908.

Probably not. I haven't seen any news about an asteroid about to strike Earth.

An asteroid is going too hit earth this weekend.

There is no way of knowing as in might of fallen in the dinosaur age and it was not recorded

No one will ever know. Millions or even billions of asteroids hit the Earth during it's formation stage.

yes! it depend to gravitational pull and the weight of an asteroid

tilted by an near hit or hit by an asteroid

No. There was some concern that the asteroid Apophis might hit earth in 2036, but new measurements of the trajectory recently ruled that out.

the asteroid hit the earth to start a new race many million years ago and the new race was humans

Many asteriods have hit the Earth over the millions of years.

it had a big affect on earth, last time a asteroid hit it killed all the dinosaur's.

It can and has been many times.

There is no such prediction: it is not known when an asteroid will hit Earth. There are only some estimations, every how often asteroids up to a certain size will hit Earth, but no specific date.

well it changed the earth to the earth we have today

There was one significant asteroid impact in 1908 - the Tunguska event. It is possible that smaller asteroids hit Earth after that. There was a smaller asteroid/meteor impact more recently - the Chelyabinsk event in 2013.

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