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Because they wanted to see how white it was and the animals

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What do people on cruises to Antarctica do in Antarctica?

See wildlife, participate in different kinds of activities, like kayaking or diving, hike, visit places of interest (like huts of first polar explorers) etc.

Who led the first group of explorers to Antarctica?

James cook

When did people first visit Antarctica?

for nothing

Who was the first scientist to visit antarctica?

bobby robinson

When were huskies first taken to Antarctica?

Early explorers between 1898 and 1922 brought dogs to Antarctica. The practice is now forbidden.

Where does santa visit first?

he visits the villages in Antarctica then goes to the nearest country to Antarctica which is Alaska

What drove the first explorers to Antarctica?

A race to the south pole, between 2 explorers, whose names were: Roald Amundsen, and Captain Scott.

Which European explorers first visited Alabama in the years?

Which was the first European to visit Alabama

What tools do explorers use in Antarctica?

Explorers find that camp stoves, lanterns, ice axes are all useful in Antarctica.

Why does an explorer go to Antarctica?

Explorers to go to Antarctica to explore: this is their work.

How did explorers survive in antarctica?

by surviving

Who is interested in Antarctica?

Scientists and explorers.

Who were the first European explorers to visit Texas?

In 1519, Spanish explorer Alonso Álvarez de Piñeda was the first European to visit Texas.

Who were three of the first explorers to look for Antarctica?

Roald Amundsen, Richard E, Byrd, and James Cook

Who were the first people to visit Antarctica?

In 1840 Frenchman Jules-Sébastien-César Dumont d'Urville became the first person to set foot on Antarctica

What do explorers eat in antarctica?

they eat seals

How many explorers have been to antarctica?


What are the interesting places to visit in Antarctica?

Every place that you can visit in Antarctica is 'interesting' at least to the people who manage the visit.

Where do most people visit in Antarctica?

most people visit Antarctica in research bases

Which places in Antarctica do tourists visit most?

Generally, tours to Antarctica visit the beaches.

Who were the first explorers to visit Cape Cod?

Bartholomew Gosnold and Giovanni da Verrazzano

How did early Antarctica explorers travel?

All polar explorers between about 1899 and 1922 -- the Heroic age of Antarctic Exploration -- traveled to Antarctica by sailing ship.

Who was the first person to live on Antarctica?

No one lives in Antarctica. There were early explorers, however, who sailed there and established camps. The first expedition, the Belgian Antarctic Expedition of 1897-99, however, camped at the edge of the continent in their ship and could arguably be considered the first peoples to 'live' in Antarctica.

Where can you go to visit penguin colonies in antarctica?


Have explorers destroyed antarctica in any way?

no of course not