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The weather map was not developed until the telegraph was working. Back in the 1870's, the first weather map came to be. At that time, the government meteorologists worked for the US Army Signal Service. Later, this department became the Weather Bureau and now it is known as the National Weather Service.

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When was the first weather map introduced?

Edmund Halley created and published a meteorogical chart in 1686, which happend to be the first weather map.

Who drew the first weather map?

benjamin frankling drew the first synoptic map

Can a weather map and weather symbols be used to forecast the weather accurately?

That is what meteorologists use to show us what is going on with the weather and what weather to expect. The map and symbols that you see on the television are only a very small part of how they come up with a forecast. There are weather models and different weather data that they use to actually come up with the forecast and make the map you see on television.

What kind of map is a weather map?

a map shows the weather

What type of weather map show isobars on a weather map?

A map with isobars is a front map.

What is the name of a weather map?

A meteorological map or usually, simply, a weather map.

What type of map shows weather conditions?

It is a weather chart, or weather map.

Who created the first weather map?

The first printed weathermap was drawn by Edmond Halley

What does a weather map look like?

A weather map is in different colors. It shows the weather. ;]

What is a map showing weather systems called?

It has a couple different names. Surface map, Forecast map, or Fronts pressure and weather map. and last is surface weather map.

A weather map is what type of model?

A weather map is a mathematical model.

What is the difference between a climate map and a weather map?

A climate map shows you the average weather over a particular period of time, while a weather map shows you the current weather at a particular time.

What is an isobar map?

A weather map.

Who invented the weather map?

Sir Francis Galton invented the weather map.

Weather map is an example of a?

A weather map is a graphical model that displays the distribution of one or more weather element.

What does L indicate on a weather map?

The "L" on a weather map stands for low pressure.

When was A Blank in the Weather Map created?

A Blank in the Weather Map was created in 1919-01.

How many pages does A Blank in the Weather Map have?

A Blank in the Weather Map has 273 pages.

What do the H and L mean on a weather map?

what do h and l mean on a weather map

What is the form of a map symbols?

Weather map

How can a weather map tell us about forecoming weather?

a weather map shows the locations of the fronts and pressures and also their locations...

What is the drawing of the weather map?

The weather forecast

Why is it helpful to use different types of weather maps?

it is helpful to use different types of weather map because different weather map could help you, like if a map has a part that you need and the other map does not.

Where can I find a table of weather map symbols?

Weather map symbols can be found at the linked sites.

Where is Fred's Weather map?

Fred's Weather Map was located in the Albert Dock, Liverpool, England.