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Q: When did the late Queen mother go on the throne?
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When did Queen Elizabeth's II mother go to the throne?

The Queen's mother went to the throne on 11 December 1936 and officially became Queen Consort

How many years has queen elizebeth stayed on the throne for?

Queen Elizabeth I was on the throne for 45 years! Queen Elizabeth II has been on the throne for approximatly 59 years- she is one of the longest Monarchs on the throne! go her

What nicknames did Queen Elizabeth the Queen Mother go by?

Queen Elizabeth the Queen Mother went by Queen Mum.

When did Queen Elizabeth go on the throne?

After she drank too much prune juice

Can the queen of England retire?

Yes she can and the next in line will go to the throne but she doesn't want to.

How do you get the coordinates from the queen on Astro Knights Island?

Go to the throne room on the second floor of the castle.

Can the throne go directly to William from Queen Elizabeth?

Yes Queen Elizabeth can choose to make William the King before she passes away thus by passing Prince Charles. But if she were to pass away without doing such the throne would go to Prince Charles.

Will Kate Middleton become queen?

She will if William becomes King. He is currently second in line to the throne, after his father, Prince Charles. Kate will not be queen in the same sense as the current monarch, Elizabeth II. Elizabeth II is Queen Regnant, meaning that she is queen in her own right and the reigning monarch of the United Kingdom, having inherited the crown from her father. Kate will be queen (queen consort) because she will be married to a reigning monarch. For example, if she becomes queen and she outlives William, she will NOT become the reigning monarch. The crown will go to William's eldest child with Kate, Prince George. She would then be queen in the same way that Elizabeth's mother was queen following the accession to the throne by Elizabeth II. Elizabeth's mother, also named Elizabeth, was known as Queen Elizabeth the Queen Mother, or fondly as the Queen Mum. When she becomes queen, Kate will have a similar status to Elizabeth II's husband, Prince Philip.

Did Mary you go to school?

Queen Mary's mother educated her at home.

What will happen if you go to sleep late?

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Where are the medal people on poptropica astro nights island?

Go to the castel and then go into the throne room were you first found the king and queen every one will be threr even the planet guys talk to the king and queen first then everyone else

What happened to Queen Victoria?

She has died a long time ago. She was the mother of queen Elizabeth II. If you want to see a picture of her, go to google images.

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