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the trenches first started in 1914, the start of world war 1.

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Q: When did the trenches first start?
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When in World War 1 were the trenches first used?

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Who first used trenches?


What was the first thing one noticed about the trenches in World War 1?

according to the author, what was the first thing that one noticed about the trenches

At what depth does OSHA start to require shoring for trenches?

Six feet

How long did the trenches stretch and were trenches used during World War 2?

Trenches were a trademark of the first World War. They were extensive and elaborate. They were not used in World War II. Are you trying to find out the length of ALL the trenches together?

What landforms start with the letter t?

there are trenches and the grand canyon

What killed many men on the first day in the trenches?

The most common way a man would die in the trenches would be that they were shot by a sniper.

What first line should you use for a ww1 poem?

"In the trenches we stood, hearts heavy with the weight of war."

In world war 1 was it the first time they used trenches?

No. Trenches were used in wars as far back as history is recorded. Trenches were used in the Revolutionary war in the US. Some of these trenches can still be seen at the scene of some battlefields such as Gettysburg, Pennsylvania and Yorktown Virginia.

Why were solders in the trenches?

It was a 'chicken and egg' situation. One side's soldiers were in the trenches to stop the other side's soldiers in their trenches from getting any advantage,.

What country first used trenches in WW1?

Eastern France is where the most northerly point was and the trenches stretched all the way down to the Swiss border. The trenches were unable to go through Switzerland as Switzerland was a neutral nation.

How did the troops in the first world war get to the trenches?

By a railroad, they would go by train to a main supply route although they would drive in trucks to the start of the trenches, they then would have to walk through the systems until they reach the supply line, this is where the soldiers rest and recouperate after a rotation at the front ( 2-4 weeks)