Georgia (US State)

When did the us gain Georgia?


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Georgia was one of the original 13 states.

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It is hard to understand what question you are asking. Georgia was one of the original 13 colonies that came to America from England. It joined in the Revolution, and took part in becoming the US. So Georgia was there before there was a US.

Georgia was the fourth state to gain statehood

Archil Gegeshidze is the Ambassador to the US for Georgia.

The University of Georgia and Georgia State University are both universities in the US. I've never heard of "Georgia University."

it was the 4th state to gain statehood.

Georgia -US state - 59,425 sq ml (153,909 sq km) Georgia - country - 26,911 sq mi ( 69,700 sq km) Georgia(US state) is larger than Georgia (country)

Georgia became part of the US on January 2, 1788

The answer depends on whether it is Georgia, US or Georgia in Europe.

the territories that the us gain as a result of the war is freedom

California is 3 hours behind Georgia.

3.10% of the total US population lives in Georgia.

Jimmy Carter was born in Georgia, served as Governor of Georgia, and as a Georgia State Senator.

It did not gain Midway Atoll. It did not gain Wake Island. It did not gain Palmyra Atoll. It did not gain the US Virgin Islands. It did not gain American Samoa, Alaska or Hawaii from the Spanish American War.

Georgia was the 4th US State.

The state capital of Georgia is Atlanta

The US state of Georgia - - Zone 7.

The US state of Georgia is 38,000,000 acres.

Jimmy Carter was the president from Georgia.

No, there are no deserts anywhere in the state of Georgia.

William Few and Abraham Baldwin signed the US constitution from Georgia.

Georgia has Nuclear weapons, US wants them. Russia wants them. US will stay to get them.

Perhaps in the Georgia of Eastern Europe, but not (legally) in the US Georgia.

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