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Q: When did the viking invade England?
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What lands did Viking invade?

Ireland, Scotland, England, France.

When did the vikings invade England?

The first recorded Viking invasion of England was in 793 AD. The last invasion of England by this group was in 1066.

Who was first to invade England viking or Romans?

The Romans invaded England before the Vikings. At the time of the Roman empire the Vikings had not begun their expansion.

Why did viking invade Britain?


Did vikings invade Russia?

Yes, the Rus were a Viking tribe.

Why did Hitler invade England?

Hitler did not invade England during WW2. No one invaded England during WW2.

Who was the last viking king in England?

king of england,was Harthacnut

Where was the viking capital of England?


When did Harold hardrada invade england?

Harold Hardrada did NOT invade England. He led the fight against the Norman invaders.

What century that the Vikings live?

According to most, the Viking Age started when the monastery of Lindisfarne was sacked by Vikings 793. It ended when norwegian King Harald Hårdråde failed to invade England in 1066.

When did the Nazis try to invade England?

Hitler canceled his plans to invade England after he considered he would not be able to fight Russia and England at the same time.

Did nepoleon invade England?

Napoleon never invaded England.

Why did nepoleon never invade England?

The England navy was to large.

Who did they get to invade?

poland, france, england

Why did England invade India?

for their tea

What group did not invade England?

The Beatles?!

How did England conquer Ireland?


What was a water route the viking used to invade the byzantine empire?

they used the water pathway thing

When and where did Harold hardrada invade England?

on the same day of the battle of hastings the 14th of october 1066 and he tried to invade England at stamford bridge

Why did people want to invade England?

Because I live in england and I am sexy

Did Spain invade England from the north?

Spain has never invaded England.

What was important about England during World War 2?

England could have easily been invaded by the Germans if Hitler had decided to invade England. He chose to invade Russia instead.

What was the viking territory in England called?

The Viking Territory in England was called Danelaw. The Vikings came to England to rob and pillage and take what they wanted, by force if necessary. The took over an area in England that covered about 1/3 of the country near Dorset, England.

What date do viking raids begin in England?


In what year did Spain invade England?

In 1588