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7th December 1941

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Q: When did the war in the Pacific begin?
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Why did the pacific war begin?

The Japanese were ruled by emperors and didn't like it.

What is the conflict to begin World war 2 the pacific?

The conflict was that Japan, Germany, and the United Sates had an argument and that was when World War 2 Broke out (The Pacific).

When did World War 2 in the Pacific begin?

On December 7, 1941, there was an attack at Pearl Harbor in Hawaii. That launched the US into WWII, as well as starting the war in the Pacific.

What event caused world war 2 to begin in the pacific?

The Japanese invasion of Manchuria.

Where did World War 2 begin for the Japanese?

On the Chinese mainland with China. In the pacific ocean with the US.

Why was the Battle of Midway a turning point in the pacific war?

The war went against Japan and allowed America to begin taking the offensive.

How did the pacific war begin?

Early on the morning of December 8, 1941, the Second World War in the Pacific was begun with an amphibious attack by Imperial Japanese Army troops on the Northeast coast of British Malaya

What turned the tide of the war in pacific against Japan and allowed the allies to begin taking offense?

Battle of Midway :)

What battle turned the tide of war in the pacific against japan and allowed the allies to begin taking the offensive?


Compare war in Europe to war in the pacific?

Europe was a land war; the Pacific was a naval war (note-Pacific Ocean).

What were the causes of the pacific war from the Japanese?

Pacific War=Control of the Pacific Ocean.

Which event turned the tide of the war in the Pacific against Japan and allowed the Allies to begin taking the offensive?

Battle of Midway

How did World War 2 begin in the Pacific?

when the janenise spuly ran low and we did not help them so they sined a contract with the axis forses then bombed pearl harbor and the u.s. declared war. pearl harbor ataked dec. 7,1941 the war of the pacific 1941-1945

Where was the pacific war fought?

the pacific...

What is the ISBN of Pacific War series?

The ISBN of Pacific War series is 0312363508.

What was the bloodiest war in the pacific?

The bloodiest war in the Pacific was World War II. The bloodiest battle in that war was the battle at Okinawa.

What makes MacArthur the hero of pacific war?

what makes McArthur the hero of pacific war

How many pages does Pacific War series have?

Pacific War series has 384 pages.

What was War of the Pacific?

The "Pacific War", is the PACIFIC THEATER of World War II. The other theaters of WWII were, the European Theater, and the CBI (China, Burma, India) Theater.

What is the nickname for the war that ended in the pacific?

Pacific Rim

Where do el nino and la Nina begin?

The begin in the eastern Tropical Pacific Ocean.

When was National Museum of the Pacific War created?

National Museum of the Pacific War was created in 1969.

When was Pacific War Museum created?

Pacific War Museum was created on 2001-05-04.

Where did the pacific war end in 1942?

The Pacific war ended officially on 2 September 1945

When did Vietnam begin?

Vietnam became independent from France after World War II, when the Japanese War in the Pacific triggered the invasion of French Indochina in 1941. Source: