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When did they last see a kraken?

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I think yesterday morning at 8 pm

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Who controls the kraken?

the Kraken differs according to where you look, in some cases the Kraken is a titan son of Poseidon, but in other cases the Kraken is the titan child of Hades so it really depends on how you look at it to see who controls it, P.S. the Kraken is what defeated the Titans and imprisoned them in Tartarus

What is a sentence for kraken?

The legendary kraken is thought to be the colossal squid. Release the kraken! Hold your kraken, we'll need him later...

How do you get to the Kraken in wizard101?

u dont get to the kraken the kraken gets 2 u

What is project kraken?

Project Kraken is a special organisation that is on a mission to find and discover the kraken.

Is the Kraken real?

Yes the Kraken is very real

What is the kraken in furdiburb?

The kraken in furdiburb is a sea monster.

When and who first discovered the kraken?

No one - the kraken is mythical.

Who does the kraken belong to?

The Kraken Belongs To Posiden, God of The Seas

What is the kraken based on as in what greek myth?

The Kraken is a Scandinavian myth.

How was a kraken created?

The Kraken was made by Me. Me only, And Thy me. im cool

What are some Kraken eyewitness accounts?

Kraken eyewitness accounts can happen anywhere at any time. Most Kraken encounters happen in the Indian ocean and in scandenavia. When you are in those parts of the world watch out for the Kraken!

Who would win Godzilla or the kraken?

the kraken of course godzilla still might hurt the kraken a little but definetly the it can sqeas and rip godzilla with its tentacles.besides kraken is one of the most powerful creature of all.the two most powerful are kraken and leviathon. most powerful:3rd megladon 2nd godzilla 1st kraken/leviathon.

Is the Kraken a real Monster?

The Kraken is probably what we know today as the giant squid .

Is there such thing as the kraken?

The kraken is a squid, a very large on mind you, but none the less a squid. Suid are real creatures so yes kraken exist.

What movie is famous for having the Kraken on it?

The movie that is famous for featuring the Kraken is Clash of the Titans. The movie was released in 1981. The Kraken is a fictional and mythical character.

What is the Kraken role in mythology?

The Kraken is a deep sea monster that is one Poseidon's monsters.

How big was the kraken?

The Kraken is the size of a very small island or .6 miles large.

What does the kraken look like?

Supposedly, the kraken looks like a very giant squid.

Did posiedon create the kraken?

The kraken originates Scandinavian mythology where as Poseidon is from Greek mythology.

How can you teleport to the kraken battle area on wizard 101?

Go to triton ave and find the arrogant death student who is standing above the kraken. Go past him and onto the first teleported you see. Then go to the plump NPC man with the mustache. There are two portals behind him. Go to the second one. You will then be by the crowded kraken. Good luck!

How many arms does a kraken have?

A Kraken is a giant squid so eight arms and two tentacles.

Who would win a fight the new kraken or Godzilla?

The new Kraken would eat Godzilla.

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