When did they stop advertising cigarettes?


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Banned from TV and radio in 1971. Other cigarette advertising bans are still being fought.

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Q: Did they ever stop advertising cigarettes in magazines? A: No, they did not stop advertising cigarettes in magazines, but they stopped advertising cigarettes on television. I wish they would stop making cigarettes and I wish they were still not advertising it on magazines, even though they don't have cigarette advertisements on TV anymore. It makes me sick when I breathe the smoke or if I cough from it and smell it. YUCK!!!!!!!! (lol) I don't smoke though, because I would never try it at ALL..... - Angela Smallwood (18 years old) 2/29/12

Cigarettes are bad for you and the government do not what people to smoke. By not advertising on TV other people are not likely to be attracted to smoking and start

I was interested myself--I did some research and found that that last cigarette advertisement was for virgina slims January 1 1971 on the Johnny Carson show.

The definition for surrogate advertising is a form of advertising that is used to promote a banned product disguised as another product. Alcohol and cigarettes are items that use surrogate advertising.

Yes, depending on the person cigarettes are highly addictive.

It might be and cigarettes have no good in them. STOP SMOKING!

Alcohol and cigarettes are detrimental to one's health. By advertising such unhealthy products, they are enticing consumers to drink and smoke, and adopt an unwholesome lifestyle.

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Even though cigarette advertising is to the degree of what is bad and how damage can be inflicted into one's lungs by smoking cigarettes. Researches say that the simple constant advertising of cigarettes in especially in youth cause vivid imagery which sticks with the youth. This at the end of the day provokes or increases the odds that youth will be more likely to take a puff in their lifetime.

Some effective ways to stop smoking cigarettes is to set a quit date, go and maybe chew on something to keep your mind away from cigarettes like gum, make an honest list on why you like smoking and how hard it is to stop smoking.

They still sell cigarettes in vending pubs and clubs, casinos and such.

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no. she had a boyfriend once that did and thought it was so gross she asked him to stop for her. he did. she still hates cigarettes.

There is no law against selling cigarettes. There is a law against selling them to underage minors.

Advertisements for drugs, such as beer or cigarettes. They make it sound cool and fun. It really isn't.

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Because we will get withdrawal symptoms if we stop. We are addicted to nicotine.

Yes but he said he is trying to stop

yes. but he's trying to stop

Yes, 5 cigarettes a day is much better than 20 cigarettes a day. You should try to stop those last 5 though.

If by relax you mean cause cancer then yes. Dude, stop posting these. Anyways, there is a chemical in cigarettes that makes people relax.

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