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on kate's birthday

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Q: When did things change with Jon and Kate?
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What are opinions about why kate is so harsh on Jon?

It wasn't that she was harsh on him. It was just because Jon was a different person than Kate, and did things differently. Kate didn't always like the way he did things, and it frustrated her, which led to the divorce.

Why are Jon and Kate Gosselin breaking up?

Jon and Kate drifted apart and at some point wanted different things for their family. Both Jon and Kate have admitted that their aspirations and goals were no longer in common and that they were unable to reconcile. So sad.

Do Jon and Kate Gosselin want to work things out?

Jon and Kate have both expressed a desire to do the best for their children. Do they want to reunite as a couple? No? Do they want to work things out for the benefit of their children? Absolutely Yes.

How was Jon and Kate Gosselins relationship at first?

At first, Jon and Kate's relationship was a whirlwind romance. Shortly after they first met, Jon "got rid" of his current girlfriend and was exclusively dating Kate. When they had the twins, the couple continued their story book affection for one another.. however as time, and the stress of having multiples began to take their toll.. things began to change.

Did Jon and Kate Gosselin vote?

Yes, Jon and Kate did vote.

How did Jon and Kate breakup?

they didnt yet. theyre working things out, hopefully

Are Jon and Kate producers for 'Jon and Kate Plus 8' now?

Jon and Kate Gosselin have stated in interviews that they are looking forward to being producers for 'Jon and Kate Plus 8."Another answerNo, Jen Stocks has been and still is producing Jon and Kate 8.And another anwerNo. Jon and Kate were never the producers

What do Jon's siblings say about Jon and Kate?

Jon's siblings haven't made any public statements about Jon and Kate.

Is Kate missing Jon?

Kate said she "misses the Jon she used to know"

Did Kate Gosselin move out?

No it was jon -jon is ugly kate was rlly pretty

Did Kate gosselin move?

No it was jon -jon is ugly kate was rlly pretty

Who is kate gosslin is it the mom from jon and kate plus 8?

Yes, Kate Gosselin in the mom from Jon and Kate plus 8. She is no longer with Jon and the show has been cancelled.

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