When did witches arrive?

Actual witches or cartoon witches?
Actual witches have been around for what seems like forever, it's just that people tend to choose not to believe when they're told that they're, in fact, talking to a real live witch. I know for a fact that most people I know find it positively ridiculous when I say that I'm a Wiccan. They've no idea what a Wiccan is, and when I explain, nine out of ten people scoff.
Cartoon witches have been around ever since TV came around! They've stereotyped us to be short, fat, old women with long noses, grey hair, warts, severe skin conditions, flying broomsticks, black cauldrons with green bubbly goo and black cats. Some of us have broomsticks, but believe it or not, they don't fly. Sure, some of us own a black cauldron, but the contents are not gag worthy. Black cats? I'll give you that too, but that might just be a coincidence.