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When they bring a manto his sneeze.

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a sicktory

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Q: When do a bunch of cold germs celebrate a victory?
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Can cold germs survive 10 days in a car without people?

Cold germs cannot survive 10 days in a car without people. Cold germs can survive up to 48 hours on surfaces.

What causes the common cold?

basically,the germs you get when you have a cold is:some one has the cold and then they sneeze or caught touches you with their dirty hands th pass you their germs then,you get sick

Does cold water kill germs?


Do germs die in the cold?


Does hot water kill germs or does cold water kill germs?

I know for sure hot water kills germs

Do germs grow best in warmer climates or colder climates?

Germs cannot survive in both warm and cold climates but many germs have a ability that they adapt the warm and cold climates after some time

Do cold germs fight each other in clothing and die?

Germs do die when they touch cloth.

Why no one catches cold in Antarctica?

It's too cold in Antarctica for cold germs to survive.

Does hot or cold temperatures kill bacteria?

hot water can not exactly kill germs and cold wter does not have a chance but boiling water can kill all the germs

Can washing clothes in cold water remove germs?

Generally, no. Germs are best killed by very warm or hot water.

Where does sick come from?

Being sick comes from the passing of germs between individuals. The common cold can be passed just with germs in the air.

Does cold water kill germs more than hot water?

Nope. "Germs" for use in laboratories are often stored at temperatures far below anything in nature or a normal refrigerator. Once they warm up to their preferred temperature, they function normally. As always, there are exceptions to this, but likely not many.