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they can walk before they even open there eye, so less then a week.

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Q: When do baby mice start walking?
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When do baby mice start to eat?

Baby mice start to eat solid food when they are about three weeks old.

At what age do baby chihuahuas start walking?

The BABY Chihuahuas Start Walking At 4 Weeks

When do baby Agouti Pacas start walking?

They start walking when their mother gets tired and the baby wants to walk

When can baby mice be held?

The best age to start handling baby mice is four to five weeks.

When do baby hamsters start walking?

they start walking in about 13-14 days old

Average age a twin baby starts walking?

average age a baby can start walking is 1

When do baby mice get hair?

Soon after they start to flake.

When should a baby start walking?

At nine months or so a baby will usually start trying to pull themselves up. At ten months to a year, or maybe a little longer a baby will start walking.

How long does it take a human to walk after birth?

It depends on how heavy the baby is it could take 6 months for an baby to start walking or It could take 18 months for an baby to start walking.

When can a baby panda start walking?

In 2 weeks

What is the average age when a baby can walk?

average age a baby can start walking is 1

How old is a baby when they can walk?

a baby can start walking at 10 to 1 years of age

When do baby horses start walking?

Young colts are up and walking within a hour after they are born.

When do baby mice start to venture out of the nest?

2 to 3 weeks old.

When do baby rabbits start walking?

Usually when they are 4 months old.

At what age does a baby elephant start walking?

at 3-6 years

How old are baby rabbits when they start walking?

my nans rabbits started walking at about a week so should start walking at about 5-10 days- 2 weeks, when they open their eyes:)

Does a dad care for baby mice?

Male mice will not care for the baby mice but they will eat the babies.

What do you feed a baby mouse that has its eyes open?

Baby mice feed on their mothers milk, but as they start ageing, they start to eat oats, seeds, nuts and wheat.

What can baby mice eat?

Baby mice need their mother's milk.

How old is a baby horse when they first start walking?

within 2 hours

When can you start feeding baby mice dry food?

When it's about 4 - 5 weeks old

When can Baby mice eat solid food?

My baby mice started eating seeds and popcorn at 3 weeks old. When they start exploring and trying to eat food they can probably be separated from their mom as well.

Do baby bull snakes eat crickets?

Yes. Baby bull snakes are dependent on small insects, baby mice small lizards and frogs. As they get older they start to eat adult mice and other mammals, large insects, and birds.

When do baby mice start running around?

At two to three weeks old they can start weanning at 3 weeks they can start mating at 4 weeks