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when the person you love lets them lick u out

very nite

when the person you love lets them lick u out

very nite

i think it is when u spend time with that person

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When to become more than friends?

When you should become more than friends is when you think you're ready.

If you like a good friend how do you ask them out?

You simply say something like: I know we are good friends but I want to be more than that. Do you want to be more than friends? but what if she tells her friends and you become a laughingstock?? Then you take that risk If she does end up telling her friend and you become a loughingstock then you should be glad that you are no more than just friends.

How do we become more than just friends?

hope it works out!! -love lollie!

How do you get a girl to like you more than just friends?

well im a girl so... be nice to her.. once you've become relly good friends tell her i want to be more than friends and see what happens.

What signs are seen when a man cares for a woman more than a friend?

If a man cares more for a woman than one of his friends, he will probably try to become friends with her too, which is arguably a sign.

How do you become more than friends with a girl who just wants to be friends?

sadly you cant im afraid, you will just have to put up with it.

What would happen if you someone kissed someone with diabetes?

You would become more than friends

Do bumblebee and sari become more than friends?

i believe yes,because the have alot in canmon

Why is family more important than friends?

Family is more important than friends because they know u more than your friends

How do you become more than 'just friends'?

talk on the phone more often, go out more often as "just friends" and then it will come, I promise! Good luck and glad to help!

How do you inspire the class mate girl?

You can inspire a classmate girl by starting to become friends. Talk to her more. That way, you can both become more than friends someday. And if she doesn't feel the same, so what? there are plenty of girls out there.

What does a guy mean when he says he feels a connection with you?

What he means is that he believes there is more to you+him than friendship i.e he wants to become more than friends. 007 SGS

How do you become a girl's first love?

Tell her you love her. Ask her out. Eventually You might be more than friends.

In the book Amelia Rules do Kyle and Amelia ever become more than friends?

They Do Cause I have the book.

What does more than friends mean?

what does more than friends mean

How do you get a guy to text you more often even though he does not like you?

Just talk to him in person and become friends if you want. Don't use him to become more than friends. If you're really into him, don't bother him, get to know him. He'll respect you more if you get to know him on a friend basis and then see where that goes.

What do you do if you like a guy but you don't know if he likes you?

Talk to him, become friends with him, I bet over time you will get closer and closer with him, and he will probably tell you he wants to be more than friends.

What do you do when you like your friend's brother?

Talk to your friend about him and if he is near you age, send out flirting signals, try to be friends with him, and maybe soon you two will become more than friends.

How do you become more than just friends with a guy?

kiss him and see what happens...that is probably the quickest way to see if he is interested.

Is zuko friends with Katara?

They are more than friends.

How do you talk to a girl that is way more popular than you?

Become friends with her friends, girls talk about guys so if her friends like you a friend she'll like you as a friend and maybe it'll go somewhere from there.

How do you become more popular when you are only semi popular?

get more friends

How do friends start?

Friends start by you starting to hang out and than all of a sudden you will become really good friends.

How can you tell if a guy wants to be just friends or something more?

Get to know him better. He may try to become friends with you, and that's okay. If it turns out he wants to be more than friends, he may treat you differently than other girls (assuming you are a girl) or he might even ask you out. Only time can tell.

Does marijuana effect the user's friends and how?

Your friends become more tolerable and their jokes are funnier

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