When do cheetahs go to sleep?


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Cheetahs normally hunt during the day and sleep at night. They sleep for 12 to 13 hours but may take naps during the day depending on the heat or if they are full.


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Cheetahs sleep for about 12-13 hours wow that's alot of sleep.!

Yes, cheetahs do sleep.

Cheetahs usually sleep in scrub brush or lay hidden in tall grass

Cheetahs primarily live in grasslands and there is where they sleep.

Cheetahs sleep for about 12-13 hours at night and may take naps during the heat of the day.

Cheetahs sleep usually like other wildcats. they climb up in a tree and lie - legs dangling down - on a tree branch with their eyes closed

Cheetahs are the fastest animals. The can go up to 70 mph. Also, Cheetahs can out run a car.

they sleep at night and take naps during the day when its very hot.

Both sleep in the open savanna, neither builds any sort of a shelter.

cheetahs do not sleep, for lions and hyenas may attack. but they do rest during daytime

Cheetahs can run up to a whopping 75 MPH!!Cheetahs are the fastest animals. The can go up to 70 mph. Also, Cheetahs can out run a car.

A cheetah sleeps by laying himself under a shade.

Cheetahs are wild mammals. they go wherever. Like house cats! =D

Usually in protected covered areas that block sunlight in the day

Cheetahs have been known to go without water for 10 days

Cheetahs do not construct a shelter. They "shelter in place."

OutsideIn trees or deep in shrub mainly by trees for shelter/protection

Cheetah's instinctive behaviors is being able to sleep, walk ect.

No. Humans are the only animals that go through the marriage ritual. However, cheetahs do mate.

Tigers and cheetahs do not share the same habitat so the answer is "no."

yes, they hardly sleep but they do sleep. they can go a week off of 1 day of sleep

NO, because birds cant push up to the speed cheetahs can they flap and go higher

Cheetahs will NOT go extinct because with groups like CCF and other constantly helping cheetahs to survive and also educating farmers about cheetahs and learning to not kill them.

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