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It depends on the production company making the movie. When I was working on 61* for HBO Films (a major production company), we got checks every two weeks like a normal job. When I was working on LONG LIVE THE DEAD for Alienstone Entertainment (a brand new low budget (so far) production company), every day that we showed up on the set, we were paid with Pizza, and we got a free copy of the DVD at the premiere. When I was working for CHECKMATE (a TV Pilot) we all signed releases agreeing that we would not get paid until the show was sold to a distributor, at which point, everyone would get paid for everything all at once.
Just go to its a movie extras calculator!

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Q: When do extras movie actors get paid?
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How much do extras movie actors get paid in a major film?

Go to and you will see earnings based on hours

What do twilight extras do?

they tell you how like they did the movie and about the actors and the journey and stuff like that

Why do movie sets require extras?

Extras are actors or actresses that play bit parts in a movie. Their role may be so small that one might even miss them on the screen. Sometimes these extras provide the backdrop or prop in the story.

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Yes usually about 100 a day.

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A movie actor gets paid once they finish their acting. I was on Law and Order: Criminal Intent for one episode, and immediatly got paid after my few scenes.

What is a basic salary?

Basic salary is the amount a person gets paid before any extras are added in. Extras can be things such as commission, incentives, and/or bonuses.

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Yes they are paid extras!

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Does a movie director get paid by the movie or by the month or something like that?

Movie directors, in much the same way that actors are paid, are paid according to guild contracts.Depending on the type of project being directed, a director can be paid a wide range of rates.For more information, follow the link, below.

How would you look up a person who was an extra in a movie?

That might be hard to find because extras are not part of the cast and are paid cash for being basically part of the scenery. The people who's names role on the credits are the actors, cast and crew who are unionized. Extras are not unionized, and get no credit, including name mention, unless they became someone known or famous and then it might be noted that they had been an extra at one time, etc.

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Many newspapers of large cities have jobs as Extraslisted under the 'Help Wanted' Section. I saw many listings under the Career Builder website for Extras, who are people in the background during movies, or in line around the starring actors to make the scene more realistic: This is just one listing for Tacoma, WashingtonTV EXTRAS, ACTORS, MODELS/ NO EXP. REQ'D/ $500+DAY - View similar jobs Job type: Contractor | Pay: $60.00 - $240.00/hour...and TV shows. Movie extras generally have no...production companies need extras and background actors...reality shows. Movie ...The basic information of the site says that they want people of all sizes, shapes, ages and colors.Check it out!!

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A film producer who is casting extras is working on a Very Small movie. Extras are usually cast by a professional extras casting company hired by the producer. If you are approached by such a producer to be an extra in a film, you are best advised to practice caution and be wary.

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I'm pretty sure it's "Ghandi"

What are background performers in a movie called?

People in the background are called Extras.

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724 people

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Every movie will need extras at one point, they usually just grab a couple of people walking by or in a crowd.

How can you be in a Jackie Chan movie?

This applies to any movie really. Watch out for casting calls for extras and apply.