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August for most students , but in New York it's in September .

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Q: When do kids go back to school after summer break?
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When do kids go back to school from summer break?

August 6th

When do Georgia kids go back to school from summer break?

August 6th

When do kids go to school after winter break?

When do kids come back from winter break at Olinda Elementry school

When does summer start for kids?

Kids that go to school, their Summer begins on their last day of school. And the end of Summer is when they go back to school. And if their done with school completely then the seasons and/or Summer begins and ends at normal times and dates.

How many days of summer vacation do kids in the US have?

If you are in private school in the U.S. then you have 99 days of summer break.

Why do you have summer break?

gives kids time to relaxbrake from schoolalso, lets kids get over issues in school for a while

Why kids should have year round school instead of summer vacation?

Kids need their vacation. Its that simple. I am a kid myself and personally in my school we lack holidays. Our summer break is 7 weeks long. After A hard school year full of ICGSE kids need to have their down time and break.

Do kids have to go to summer school?

most kids get papers about summer school. if you fill them out and bring them back, you are automatically going to summer school. your parents must choose first. if they say it doesn't matter, you can choose!

Why do kids have to read durring the summer?

kids have to read in the summer because if the do not once they go back to school they will be low in reading.and i know its happened to me!

Why is it summer all year long?

because kids need a break from school and this is a wild way to have that opportunity. (:

When does kids go back to school after Christmas break in Houston?

january 2nd

Why are the schools in the Huron Valley school district making the kids go longer when the kids don't like it and neither do the teachers?

My guess is if the kids stay in school longer hours then I'm pretty sure they'll have quickerbreaks, like summer break, spring break, Christmas Break, etc.

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