When do mudslides occur?

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How does gravity occur in mudslides?

Gravity does not occur in mudslides. Gravity exists wherever there is mass.

In what countries do mudslides occur in?

Mudslides are common and happen frequently. However, many of them are small and do not cause damage. The United States and Italy are two countries that mudslides occur in. Greece and Turkey also experience mudslides.

Where Do Mudslides Occur?

They occur in places where there is lots of rain, mountains, and snow.

How often do mudslides occur?

they only happen in may

What states do mudslides mostly occur?

California and Florida

Where can mudslides occur?

in places where theres lots of rain & snow!

What natural disasters occur in California?

Usually floods, extreme cold, mudslides and earthquakes occur in California.

When and where in the US do mudslides happen?

Mudslides can occur almost anywhere, but mostly they seem to occur in parts of the US where there is a mountainous region that has been experiencing a prolonged drought; and then suddenly, the area experiences heavy rainstorms. These intense downpours can trigger mudslides, which is what occurred, for example, in Southern California's Antelope Valley in October of 2015.

Why do most people in Venezuela live in the highlands?

Because in the lower areas flash floods and mudslides often occur

How does mudslides effect living things?

When mudslides occur, they can easily flip cars over. It is a danger to humans and animals because if the slides happen around a living creature, then the creature has a chance of being buried underneath the sludge.

How do mudslides happen?

mudslides happen when heavy rain turns into mud and falls down a steep hill and turns into a mudslides.

Problems incurred during well sinking in murum soil?

When sinking the murum soil, landslides or mudslides might as well occur.

What effects do mudslides have in Texas?

There has not been any mudslides in Texas I think

What are some natural disasters that begin with the letter M?

· mudslides· Mudslides

What are the natural disasters in the Tundra?

Not very many natural disasters occur in the Tundra. There are no tornadoes or hurricanes. There can be avalanches and mudslides and snow storms, though.

List three disasters that may occur when El Nino changes the weather patterns?

floods,mudslides,and drought and also changes in upwelling.

Why does mudslides mostly occur in places where there is a lot of rain mountains and snow?

because the rain gets the soil soggy and turns it into soggy mud

How long do mudslides last?

Mudslides last for probably a minuet to fifty minuets :D

What causes mudslides?

Mudslides often happen after a mountain slope has had its trees and vegetation removed. This can happen from deforestation, or even from forest fires.This means that the soil doesn't have the anchors from the strong root systems of plants and trees. It also loses the canopy coverage of the trees and so is very vulnerable to erosion and weathering from storms and rainfall.Strong cloudbursts and extreme rainfall can then wash the soil downhill as a mudslide, which then gathers strength as it gets bigger and bigger, bringing rocks and other debris with it.Mudslides can also be triggered by earthquakes, if there is enough water in the soil, and by volcanic eruption.Mudslides occur when the viscosity of saturated ground on a slope reaches a point where it is lowered by the force of gravity.

How are mudslides measured?

Mudslides are measured by the width of the ground that collapsed. They are also measured by the weight that fell.

How do you prevent mudslides?

You can prevent Mudslides/landslides by planting trees and plants and also creating stepps

Where are mudslides common?


Do mudslides happen in the winter?


What are the problems caused by volcanoes erupting?

the problems caused by volcanoes are earthquakes, tsunamis, and mudslides. Mudslides happen in California.

What are facts about mudslides?

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