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Parrots make noises their whole life right from birth. They will start mimicing human speech around a year old and if trained will start talking close to 1.5 - 2 years of age.
when they want food veggies
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What is a parrot?

Parrots are particularly intelligent birds. They have strong, curved beaks, and are known for their ability to mimic a variety of sounds, including human speech. For the most part, parrots are herbivores, feeding on native plant blossoms (especially those with easy-to-reach nectar), seeds or using t ( Full Answer )

What birds chirp through the night?

Birds call to defend their territory and declare it 'theirs,' or toattract a mate.. There are some diurnal birds that come out at night and call,although, if there are lights around that are on during the night(and also during times of sufficient moon brightness) mocking birdscan be active at night ( Full Answer )

Why do crickets chirp?

Only male crickets chirp. It's actually called 'stirdulation'. This happens when it rubs the bottom part of one of its wings on the top part of the other wing. There are 3 reasons why crickets chirp; 1) to attract females; 2) to impress the female he has already attracted; 3) to warn other males to ( Full Answer )

How do crickets chirp?

Crickets chirp by rubbing their wings together. A vain in the wing makes the sound louder as the other wing rubs against it.

Why and when cocks chirp?

chicken chicks will chirp as soon as they hatch, it is a way for them to stay in communication with their mother and other nest mates.

Why do birds chirp?

Birds sing to protect territory and attract mates. They chirp and vocalize in other ways to communicate where there are, where there is danger. Birds talk to birds and human talks to humans:)

How does a cricket chirp?

they rub their back legs together That is a myth. The males rub the edge of their wing (which has 'teeth') onto their leg and this is what makes the chirping sound.

Why do brids chirp?

Chirping is how birds communicate with one another much as how humans talk, dogs bark and cows moo.

What are parrots?

Parrots are beautiful birds with colourful feathers witch live in tropical continent and have a wonderful personality.

Which animal chirps?

While most people know bats use sound waves too high for people to hear to "see" in the dark, not a lot of people know that bats also makes sounds that people can hear; they chirp. Actually they chirp quite loudly (it sounds like baby birds, lots of baby birds)-just ask anyone who has bats in their ( Full Answer )

Why do chicks chirp?

Chicks chirp as a flock activity. It is communication to both the hen and other chicks. A chick will chirp loudly if it is alone, or if it sees an unfamiliar animal approach (including the farmer.) Chicks chirp as a way of communicating group alertness, and they are sort of a collective conscious ab ( Full Answer )

Do bats chirp?

While most people know bats bounce sound waves too high for people to hear off of objects (even ones as small as mosquitoes) to "see" in the dark (sonar), few people know that bats create sounds we can hear. So YES, they do chirp- very loudly. Just ask anybody who has bats in their attic. It sounds ( Full Answer )

How does a bird chirp?

Birds blows air through the middle of their beaks but leave space between their beaks. Just like humans do when they whistle.

A cat that chirps?

I have noticed this strange phenomena with my own cats! Though I am not exactly sure, I will offer my best. There are two types of chirping my cats make. One is in the morning, when I first wake up. He will follow me around making strange quacking sounds or chirps, unlike his usual whiny meow later ( Full Answer )

Why do cats chirp?

\nBecause they desperately want to be stalking and killing said birds, most likely. Cats are born hunters, and will often kill just for the fun of it. Basically, that quivering chirping is an expression of combined excitement and desire.

Why do grasshoppers chirp?

Male grasshoppers chirp in night in order to gain the attention of female grasshoppers for mating. It is also a dissuasion to repel other males.

What parrot do you get?

It depends on your lifestyle. If you're home a LOT (and i do mean a lot) you may consider an African grey parrot. some others are a macaw, a toucan, a parakeet, a budgie, etc. go to birdchannel.com for more info.

Why do cheetahs chirp?

Cheetahs chirp to communicate with their young or if they live in a pair, with each other. In zoos and reserves, they'll also chirp to show they're hungry or want something.

Do hummingbirds chirp?

While the sounds of hummingbirds are not exactly considered music, they definitely have a language all of their own. It would be more appropriate to call them chirps then it would be to call it music. However, by listening and learning what the hummingbirds are saying, you can tell what they are doi ( Full Answer )

Where do you get parrots?

A good place to get parrots is any pet shop that sells them, but, maje sure they sre well kept.

Why do geckos chirp?

Geckos do indeed chirp or squeak as many of them have vocal cords. However, other species in the order Squamata (scaled reptiles: lizards and snakes) do not possess them. Geckos will vocalize for many of the same reasons as other living things: mating and scaring off predators. Just today a Weste ( Full Answer )

Do dogs chirp?

No, they don't actually chirp like birds But they shriek, if that's what you meant to say.

Where are parrots from?

Many are native to australia such as parakeets and cockatiels. Others are native to south america or africa and can be found in jungles.

Do fiddler crabs chirp?

It's not so much a chirp as a low clicking noise. My female makes low clicking noises when she's out of the water. I don't know why they do it, but as far as I know "Gil" my little crab is happy & healthy :)

What ducks chirp?

No they Quack didnt you pay attention un kindergarten? no they do chirp or peep until they are about 6 weeks old.

Why do chipmunks chirp?

Chipmunks will usually make a chirping noise when they feelthreatened by predators. Female chipmunks chirp to attract males.

When you can have parrot?

You can have a parrot when you have the time, space and frame of mind to look after it.

How To Get a Parrot?

google parrot stores near me of look in the yellow pages for a pet store that carries birds near u. The are shows, and flea markets that sell birds

Why do budgies chirp?

Budgies chirp as a form of communication. Depending on the varying degrees of pitch and style of chirping, the chirp can mean several things. It could be a contact call, meaning that the budgie would like to see you and associate with you. If the budgie fell off a perch or got stuck in a toy, the ch ( Full Answer )

Do locusts chirp?

Grasshoppers and locusts are actually the same species at different times. Grasshoppers chirp, therefore to my knowledge locusts chirp.

Is a chirp is noun?

Yes, the word 'chirp' is both a noun (chirp,chirps) and a verb (chirp, chirps, chirping,chirped). Examples: You can hear the chirp of the baby birds. (noun) They will chirp until their mother returns with food. (verb)

Is a chirp is verb?

Yes chirp is a verb because a verb is a doing word and what you are doing is chirping.

Is chirp an adjective?

No. Chirp is a noun or verb. The participles of the verb( chirping and less frequently chirped ) can be used asadjectives.

Is chirped a noun?

No, the word chirped is the past participle, past tense of the verb to chirp. The past participle of the verb isalso an adjective . Examples: verb: We sat quietly while the crickets chirped. adjective: Her chirped greeting made me smile. The noun form is chirp: I heard a chirp coming from the ne ( Full Answer )

Why do cats chirp at their kittens?

Chirping, in cats, is a way to communicate with her kittens. it is probably a way of her saying, "Good job", "No!", or "I love you" ...these are the most common.

What frequency do birds chirp at?

The frequency of bird chirps and calls vary according by habitat.In an open habitat, birds use high frequency calls becuase theydegrade less across open habitat, so the call can travel farther.In a closed habitat with more vegetation, low frequency calls aremore optimals because they are less suscep ( Full Answer )

How does the cricket chirp?

The chirping you hear is them rubbing their hind legs together, and has nothing to do with their mouths.

How do you get the parrot?

I think you mean skullduggery island. (pirates) So, you go into the pub that says 'petey's pub' and enter. Go to the top left corner and get the cracker. go to the tower and use the cracker and get the parrot!

Is chirping a verb?

Yes it is the present participle of chirp . The birds were chirping in the trees.

What is the Cliff Chirping Frog's call?

A chirp and a rattling trill are the calls of the Cliff Chirping Frog ( Eleutherodactylus marnockii ). Specifically, the chirping voice of the Cliff Chirping Frog is repeated about every 3-5 seconds. Then there will be an alternating series of five chirps and five trills. The call may be heard ( Full Answer )

Why are crickets not chirping?

Maybe they went somewhere else, they will come back eventually... also they dont always chirp all the time.

Do female grasshoppers chirps?

Most of the time only the male grasshoppers chirp. However, femalegrasshoppers also chirp, but not as much as the males.

What does a parrot do?

a parrot just sit's there and maybe it'll talk.it's all up to the owner and how he has his parrot trained or nonm trained

Is chirping an adjective?

Chirping can be an adjective, depending on how it's used. As an adjective -- Look at the chirping bird. As a verb -- That bird has been chirping for hours now.

Why isn't my parakeet chirping?

Do you know if your budgie is a male or female? Females are generally much more quieter than males, however if your bird is very social and talkative and suddenly he/she has stopped for the past few days, I'd take them into the vet, he could be ill. Good luck!