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When do people eat during Diwali?


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People eat variety of sweets during Diwali. They also give sweets and gifts to their friends and relatives.


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people eat different kinds of sweets during diwali. For eg. jalebi, rasgullas etc.

We eat sweets during Diwali. Various sweets like laddoo , barfi are eaten .

sweet meats and vegetables like ladoo.

Gujarati people eat special sweets on Diwali. Special food items are cooked.

In punjab, People eat sweets and delicious food on diwali. They also distribute sweets.

we eat sweets on diwali.

People behave very nicely on Diwali. They greet each other.

Non veg is avoided on the day of Diwali. People prefer to eat vegetarian.

because their religion sais so

Hindus do not eat non vegetarian. They do not drink alcohol.

Hindus light diyas and candles.Hindus worship goddess Lakshmi on the occasion of Diwali.

We eat various dishes on Diwali. Sweets are eaten on this day.

People wear new clothes on diwali. They wear etnic clothes.

Diwali light is important for the diwali people because the meaning of diwali is to spread light knowledge

Diwali is not known as 'Festival of gifts'. It is known as 'Festival of Lights' and 'Row of Lights'. Having said that, people do share gifts during Diwali.

diyas and candles are lit during diwali. it is a festival of lights.

Sikhs eat sweets on Diwali. the sweets include laddoos, barfi etc.

we cleaned our house during diwali. we painted the walls of our house and then decorated it.

People decorate their homes. They distribute sweets .

Why they should not, if they do it on other days? I understand either people of meat eaters or not.

People light candles and burn crackers. They wear new clothes.

Fire crackers are Diwali crackers. Being lighten up on diwali people also call them as Diwali crackers.

People celebrate diwali at their home. They celebrate it with their family and friends.

Hindus worship goddess Lakshmi on the occasion of Diwali.People wear new clothes on this day. They exchange gifts and sweets among friends.

People renovate their house and cleaning. Diwali is a festival of light and people light Diyas on Diwali andd Worship goddess Lakshmi.

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