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they start after someone dies or pass away they start after someone dies or pass away they start after someone dies or pass away


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AnswerCelebrating Christmas actually started in Italy.

Australians began celebrating Christmas from the time of the first European settlement, in 1788.

They always have celebrated Christmas.

The Germans start celebrating Christmas on the evening of 25 December.

to celebrate the birth of christ

No, the tradition of celebrating Christmas goes back to Europe-wide pre-Chrisitian celebrations of the Winter Solstice.

Philippine ChristmasFilipinos start celebrating Christmas by going to midnight mass starting December 16 until Christmas Eve on December 24--practically nine days before Christmas.

No religion other than Christianity celebrates Christmas as part of their religion. Many people who are not Christians celebrate Christmas, but they celebrate it as a secular holiday, not as a religious one.

On Christmas Eve (December 24).

Since the first Spanish conquistadores started celebrating it, on 1519.

to recognize the people who fought for our country

Martin Luther (1483 - 1546) did not "start" the Christmas tradition. The "Christmas tradition" dates back to at least the 4th century, though early Christians were celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ long before that.

because the start of the new year by brice

well it started when i banged santas wife

people usually start decorating about the week before Christmas

Unwrap is a Christmas word. People unwrap presents at Christmas.

they celebret by eating tamales and then they wait until the fire works start.

Beginning December 16th and ending December 25th.

Nuke it and start fresh

Poinsettias came to the United States from Mexico in 1828. It was named after Dr. Joel Roberts, the first US Ambassador to Mexico. It was not until the 20th century did it really start to be associated with Christmas.

That's thousand years ago, there's not exact answer for this, but that's tradition for Chinese people.

They started to celebrate Christmas when people came to china and forced the Chinese to celebrate Christmas with brute force...

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