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Scientists currently think that life got started between 3.8 and 3.5 billion years ago, probably less than a billion year after the formation of the Earth. It is certain that life existed by 2.7 billion years ago.

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Q: When do scientists think that life started?
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Scientists think that europa may have what?

The scientists think that Europa can have the life on it.

Why do scientists think that life may have started at the bottom of the sea?

They found organisms from the earliest times that appear to be sea creatures.

What do scientists think started the universe?

The big bang or a wormhole

What are penguin evolved from?

Scientists think that all life evolved from the ocean, because that's where all life started. Animals come out of the ocean and through many generations, they get characteristics that help them survive.

What did scientists think life evolved from?

The "primordial soup".

What is the theory in science of how life was started?

Many scientists believe that the big bang started life. The big bang was a big explosion and the galaxies began.

Where do scientists think life began?

God created all the universe and all life that exist! He made allThis is one belief that is shared among all Christians. However, some scientists believe that life started 4.5 billion years ago in Africa. It then evolved and spread out across the world.

What do scientists think were the first characteristics of first life forms?

DNA I think

When do scientists think life began?

It depends on what relign you are practicing.

Are there any specific planets scientists think there is life on?


Why is their life on Mars?

we do not know if there was life on mars most scientists think the life is called bactieria some scientists think it is like a human life but what bothers me is that not all life is humands the whold world does just not orbit itself for us there is plants which is life animals which is life there is so much life on this planet

How did the Miller-Urey experiment impact the way scientists think about the origins of life?