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At night. Skunks are nocturnal.

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Do skunks live in Detroit?

Skunks do live in Detroit. However, they may not appear much because there isn't much forest they could live off of. They may occasionally appear and cross a street or something.

Do skunks live in Texas?

There are five different types of skunks which live in Texas:striped skunkshooded skunkshog nosed skunksWestern spotted skunksEastern spotted skunksTexas is the only state where all five types of skunks can be found, they can be differentiated by their markings.

Are skunks better then elaphants?

skunks because elaphants can hurt you more then skunks.

Do skunks have wings?

No, skunks do not have wings.

What is a skunks natual enemy?

Skunks have no predators

Does Ireland have skunks?

no - Ireland has no skunks - thankfully!

Are there real skunks?

Yes, Skunks are real.

Do skunks have quills?

Porcupines do but skunks do not have quills.

What is a group of skunks?

well first of all i don't think skunks live together but they do i guess and the answer to what is a gruop of skunks called is a group of skunks is called a surfeit

Do skunks slide?

no, i dont think skunks slide I dont think skunks slide, but if they fall on ice they will.

Do skunks have babies in tree nests?

no skunks do not make nests, skunks go into little holes in the tree

Are skunks offsprings?

Skunks reproduce and have offspring but there are adult skunks as well

Do skunks have whiskers?

yes, all skunks have whiskers

Are skunks cold blooded?

No, skunks are warm blooded.

Are there skunks in Florida?

yes the striped and spotted skunks

Why are skunks so cute?

errr... skunks are cute? -_-

How do you keep skunks away?

you accually keep skunks away with perfume you know skunks love yucky smells.

Do skunks have stripes or spots?

skunks are often black with white stripes. there are also skunks that are black with white stripes

Where does the Skunk live?

Skunks live in North and South America. Skunks also live in dens and are nocturnal animals. Skunks are solitary and very rarely interact with other skunks.

Do skunks eat plants?

Skunks are omnivores, so yes.

Whats are skunks homes?

most skunks live in burrows

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