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Q: When do virtual families don't produce babies anymore?
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Can babies in virtual families grow?

Yes, babies in the game virtual families can grow, they take a couple days to grow.

How do you make the babies grow faster in virtual families 2?

unfortunatly you cant

A game on the internet where you can get pregnant and have kids that ISN'T the sims or virtual families? allows you to have families and allows you to have babies .

How long does it take for babies on virtual families to grow up?

It takes 4 hours in real time

How can you make babies age up in Virtual families?

they grow up by themselves u just gotta wait

How do do make babies grow faster in virtual families?

you can set your computer clock back as long as you want. YOUR GAME HAS TO BE CLOSED FOR IT TO WORK!

What is a virtual website where you can take care of babies?

A website where u could take care of babies is its also a virtual world!! HAVE FUN!!!!!!!!

How much babies can you have on virtual families 2?

After you have your first child/children, you usually have to wait until the child is around 2 or 3. The child can now run around and he/she will be out of the mothers arms.

A virtual world where you can have babies?

woozworld is great

What are virtual twins?

they are twin babies that are not real

How do you have twins in virtual families?

The number of babies you can have on Virtual Families is randomly varied.Nckalie's Better Answer: You need to buy 2 baby boost for each parent and try to have a baby. It also works with triplets! (3x for triplets)

What is a virtual world where you can make babies?

sims 3