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Wolves mate in winter and give birth in the spring.

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They mate in late winter!

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When when do wolves mate?

Wolves mate in Spring.

When do red wolves mate?

Red wolves mate in Late Winter.

How do wolves mate for real?

they mate for real when they have kids!

Why do wolves mate?

Wolves mate so they can reproduce and have cubs that will carry their genes and make their pack larger.

How do wolves get cubs?

They mate

What are some wolf instincts?

Wolves main instincts are to hunt, protect their pack and mate, and mate with other wolves.

When do Arctic wolves mate?

they mate in the winter they have pups in the spring

Do wolves mate?

Yes, of course they mate! How else would they reproduce?!?!???

What month do timber wolves mate?


Do other wolves in a pack mate besides the alphas?

The only wolves in the pack who mate are the alpha male and the alpha females.

Why do wolves mate in spring?

They have a tendacy to like to mate because of warmer weather.

How long do wolves mate?

Once they find a mate they usually mate for life during their breeding seasons.

What are cuter ocelots or wolves?

Ocelots are cuter to ocelots & wolves are cuter to wolves. Otherwise, they might never mate!

Can howling help wolves mate?


Do gray wolves fight other wolves?

Yes. Grey wolves and many other kinds of wolves fight over a mate or who is the leader.

Do male wolves fight for a mate?

Yes. In the breeding season, when a female is in heat, a lot of male wolves will fight to mate with her. The male wolves fight, and when one of them does get to mate with the female, he guards her, so other wolves know she is taken. However, sometimes, another stronger, older wolf may fight the male wolf, mate with the female again, and stay with her for life.

Do male wolves mate with female wolves from other packs?

well yes but not all

How do wolves have pups?

they mate and they seduce each other.

Do Arctic wolves mate for life?

Yes, of course.

Can cats mate wolves?

No, they aren't the same species.

Why do you need a mate on wolf quest to have pups?

Because wolves don't have pups if they don't get a mate.

When do gray wolves mate?

Mating (breeding) season for gray wolves usually starts in late winter.

How do wolves breed?

Wolves breed by choosing a mate, and begin mating, or making puppies. Which is also called breedingthe wolves breed with themselves

How does a male timber wolf attract female timber wolves for mating?

the alpha male is the wolf all the bitches want to mate with most of the other wolves don't mate

When do wolve's mate?

Wolves mate in the winter-time, and then the female of the breeding pair gives birth in the spring.

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