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usually when you get headaches and your breast are bigger and you have breast tenderness and mostly when you have vaginal discharge. white stuff from your vagina.

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How can you know when you are close to getting your first period?

alot of cramps sometimes vomiting

How will you know that your getting your period?


How do you know when your going to have your first period?

You know you are getting close when you get a brown discharge in your underwear. You can't tell for certain when it will actually happen, but you can be prepared.

When do you know you are getting your period?

U will blode

If iam getting my period but am getting prenancy symptoms does that mean am pregnant?

No, that is a symtom of your period. I know it is wierd. Pregancy symptoms are period symptoms :)

How do you know of you are getting your first period.?

One of the most obvious ways to tell if you are going to get your period soon is after you have been having discharge for 6-12 months

What should you do if you were an 11 year old girl and scared about getting your first period?

Just relax, once you start getting your period you will notice its not to scary at all. I know how you feel, i was once your age to. Once you get your first period just tell an adult you trust like your mom (that's who i went to) she will know just what to do. Another good thing to do is talk to your mom about it if your really that scared. ; )

How do you know when your first period is coming?

You might be wiping mucus for a while. I always get mucus two weeks before and right up to my period. I started getting my period when I was ten and I'm thirteen now so I don't really remember but it might be the same for your first period.

How soon would you know if you are pregnant after sex?

first you will miss your period and then you will start getting sick i would say 6 weeks

Do you ovulate or get a period first?

You ovulate first as your period is your body getting rid of the egg and excess mucus etc.

What is Edward's first period?

Don't know about his period, but i know he'll enjoy feasting on yours :)

What can cause you to get your period every two weeks?

What causes that is when you have your period for the first time it becomes inrregular so you don't know when your getting it instill you see reddish-browish spots in your underwear.

Why do you spot before your period?

Well,with some people,if you haven't had your first period yet,it could be a sign of it coming on.also,others signs of you getting ready to start a first period is the breasts getting bigger.

Do you have a period after getting your tubes tied?

Yes, you still have a period.Answeryes you get a period after getting your tubes tied. i just had mine done in April of 2001 and in may i started my cycle. it may be heavy at first for the first few months but then will go back to normal. if you do not get one after having the tied call your obgyn and let them know. you may get an infection.

Can a female get pregnant before getting her first menstrual cycle?

Yes but only roughly two weeks before the first period. Now I say roughly because that's when most women ovulate. Getting your period means you are sheding your uterein wall after ovulation. So you ovulate before your period. But if you have never had a period before you won't know your cycle starts. USE A CONDOM.

How do you know when your getting off your period?

Menstruation is the shedding of the uterine lining, it stops when that process stops. So simply you know when you're getting off your period because the bleeding slows down and then stops.

How do you know your period is starting?

You can know when you start getting cramps (when your bladder hurts) and when blood starts to come out of your vigina. Your first period is the worst. You have a lot of blood and get terrible cramps. Sometimes you feel your gonna faint. Your period usually last for 3 to 7 days. A week at the most.

First period is brown what does that mean?

If your first period is brown don't worry your body is still getting use to menstruation time.

How do i know when I'm going to get my period?

the time between 2 periods is usually about 30 days, if you are worrying about getting your first period, you will know when you are going to get it if you notice some yellowish/white discharge (that comes out of your vagina) is in your pants, when you notice this you will keep getting the discharge for about 1 year and then you will get your period Your period wont regulate for about a year thats what my doc said gtg 2 sleep hope my improvement helped

Could a girl get pregnant without ever getting her period?

Yes, she could. The period is the body's way of getting rid of an unfertilized egg. So there can be an egg prior to the first period.

How do you know if you're pregnant if you have your period?

A pregnancy test would still be positive even if you were still getting your period

How could you know when you have your period?

When you first have your first period you wont no. just make sure you have a pad in your school bag.

How do you know when you get your period the first time?

There are various ways that you can use to know when you get your period the first time. The easiest indication would be the discharge and the cramps in the lower abdomen.

How could you no vaginal bleeding different from period?

pheeew i do not know if you get your period if it is the first one a month then chanses are its period but i dont know ask your doctor

How do you know if you get your period for the first time?

its brownish or red