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Whenever you are both ready.

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When should you start kissing?

When you are ready to start kissing. When you feel comfortable.

Is 13 a good a to start kissing?

sure, any age you feel like you want to start kissing is a good age.

What age do you start kissing?


When did kissing start?

Kissing started in the late 12th century, around the same time as genital herpes.

When did kissing under a full moon start?

Probably the first full moon after humans discovered kissing :)

Why do girls back away from kissing their boyfriends?

Because, kissing is the start of a process and girls need to be sure.

How do you start a makeout?

Well just start kissing , & then just continue x)

When is a good age to start kissing?

when ever you feel ready kissing and it isn't exactly a massive mistake or anything

What grade should you start kissing on the lips?

i think you should start kissing on the lips at 12who am i kiddin i had my frist kiss when i was nine and now i am almost ten still nine

How do you start hooking up?

It's really just like kissing someone. If you and they are in the right kind of mood, just lean in and let it happen. First you start kissing and then go from there.

How do you prove you love her?

You talk all sweet to her then start kissing her

What is safer to start kissing your girlfriend with the hand or cheek?


How do you make a boy kiss you on the lips?

if you want your crush or a boy to kiss you then you walk with him and then talk about who is was his first kiss was then when its your turn then you start kissing him and when you about to stop kissing him he will keep on kissing you and say I love you

How can you passionately french kiss someone?

its just like kissing but using the tongue. You start kissing then insert your tongue into you lovers mouth. and enjoy!

How a girl should start kissing her partner to get him excited?

Kiss him on the dick.

How do you kiss a girl on the first date?

start by kissing her on the check then the lips

What age should you start kissing at?

i think 15...16 years

What are some insects that start with the letter k?

· Katydid · Kissing Bug

What are words that start with k that involves your mouth?

kissing comes to mind.

Do Trish and Cena need to have a tag team match together and start kissing?

definetly, because to start kissing how could you NOT have a tag team match? its so obvious that if you want to make out with someone, WRESTLE THEM ;]

What age should you start french kissing at?

I think you can french kiss at lease 13+ But it's up to your parents to say what type of kissing you should do and why.

How do you make a girl satisfied?

Start with kissing her neck, then kiss her, then start moving down, and well you know the rest ;)

What age do most people start to kiss on the mouth?

16 - 18 would be the normal ages to start kissing

How can your boyfriend get me horney?

he will start kissing your neck and putting his hamd down your pants.

Where to kiss a girl to get her in sex mood?

Start by kissing her neck and then work down