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When do you use an annex in a report?

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Do you mean an appendix? An appendix is put at the end of the report and contains all sorts of detailed informatin that would otherwise clog up the report itself and make it difficult to read.

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What is a sentence for the word annex?

The word 'annex' is both a verb and a noun.Example sentences:The temporary building is an annex to the school. (noun)The city will annex that property to build a power station. (verb)

How do you use annex in a sentence about Egypt?

You could use it like this: Egypt would not be able to annex Libya. Sudan has never attempted to annex Egypt.

How you use annex in sentence?

The emergency room is in the annex of the main building

What is a annex zero?

Annex zeroes are zeroes that you add to a problem when the problem runs out of numbers to use.

How do you use annex zeros?


In a document what is an annex?

an edition: the annex was a new, added on building to Otto Frank's office building. use a dictionary

How do you use the word annex in a sentence?

The word 'annex' functions as a noun or a verb.Example sentence for the noun 'annex' as subject of the sentence:The annex is located across the street from the main library.Example sentence for the noun 'annex' as direct object of the verb:The hospital added an annex to serve as an outpatient clinic.Example sentence for the verb 'annex':The US decided to annex Hawaii as a territory despite the dubious legality of the act.

When did they use the rooms from the secret annex?

when they were hiding the people.

What is an annex building?

An annex is an extension of or an addition to a building. A small room off of a main room is an annex, and attics are another type of annex.

Who were the 4 helpers in the annex?

What annex are you talking about?

When did Mexico annex Texas?

It did not annex Texas.

What is the mathematical term for annex?

It is the same: annex.

Who called the police to report Jews hiding like the Franks?

it is still a mystery 60 years after it happened, but it has been thought the burglar who robbed the building below the secret annex or an employee who blackmailed the company because he supposedly knew the annex members were upstairs

What is the noun for annex?

The word annex is both a noun (annex, annexes) and a verb (annex, annexes, annexing, annexed); for example: Noun: They built an annex to the hospital for outpatient services. Verb: We were able to annex the adjoining property for very little cost because it was abandoned by its owner.

What is the plural of annex please?

The plural of annex is annexes.

What is correct spelling of annex?

"annex" is the correct spelling

How can you use annex in a sentence?

yes but don't bother trying as it is to hard to figure out, in a sentence.

What is a Superior annex Triple Room?

Annex Room/Triple

What is the past tense of annex?

The past tense of annex is annexed.

Did Italy annex Tunisia?

Yes, Italy was annex Tunisia.

When was Clifford Annex created?

Clifford Annex was created in 1906.

What is the population of The Learning Annex?

The population of The Learning Annex is 114.

How did Anne Frank find the secret annex?

Anne Frank didn't "find" the Annex-they already had it. The Annex area belonged to her dad, and it was attached to his company, Opetka. Mr. Frank was preparing the Annex months before they actually had to use it. He planned on going into hiding on July 16th, 1942, but Margot received a labor camp letter so they left on July 6, 1942.

What does secret annex mean?


What does annex mean?

Annex means to attach to something that is often of greater stature or importance.Annex means an addition to a main building