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Q: When does Aran come out in Maplestory Global?
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When will Evan and Aran come back to Maplestory Global?

Those two classes have always been available in Global Maplestory. However, Nexon restricted the Legends class (mercedes, kana, kaiser, luminous, etc).

What is Aran in Maplestory?

aran is a warrior that is quick and fast and if u need help on being a aran come to thnx :)

How do you become an Aran in Maplestory?

You don't "become" an Aran. You make a new character and choose the Aran class.

Do you have to pay for aran or Evan Maplestory?

Of course not!

How do you get a werewolf mount in Maplestory?

You have to be a level 50 Aran.

How do you aran job advancement on Maplestory?

You have to go to this girl named Lith.You will know her because it talks about her in the beginning of Aran etc.

When does the Maplestory Cannoneer come out?

The Legend "Cannoneer" come out on December 7th Global.

What was the name of the island where Aran was asleep for centuries Maplestory?


When does the Maplestory class Evan come out in the global server?

March 31st for global maple it is true =)

How do you make a aran in Maplestory?

To make an Aran, just start the game, log in, and click on the sign that says "New Character." Then select "Aran." You will need an empty character slot to do so.

How did Maplestory begin?

Well really MapleStory began with the Explorers, then came the Cygnus Knights, then Aran, THEN Evan, and now the Resistance.

Where do you get Polearm booster skill from Maplestory?

lvl 24 quest for aran

When does v71 in Maplestory global come out?

i believe its out...someone edit this if im rong =\

Why didn't I get the polearm when I reached lv 30 in Maplestory as an aran?

The steel polearm is a event item that comes out of "Aran Paper Box", u don't get it when you reach level 30.

Where do you get dim aran memory fragments in Maplestory?

as far as I know, every monster in the monster book.

When the Maplestory's aran start?

December 2009. That's what the trailer said. I'm really looking forward to it.

What are the jobs after aran and Evan in Maplestory?

Justice, Resistance, Demon Slayer, Mercedes, and Canon Shooter(Canoneer).

When will The job Evan come out in Maplestory global?

The job came out 8 days ago (on March 31,2010).

When will Maplestory mechanic will com out in global?

all u gotta do is w8 until the 19th of January and it will come out then............

When Evan comes out in Maplestory?

for global maplestory they are coming out march 31

Why can't i play Maplestory?

maybe the sever is busy, or they added a new job (aran,eran,etc.,) and you have to restall it.

When will aran class be out on maple global?

it will be out on December 9, 2009

Why do I not have the choice to make an aran character in Maplestory?

Be more specific. You should be able to make it as easily as any other character.

Maplestory what are the legendary heroes after aran and Evan for sure I've been hearing a lot of crap like Iran then ovan then uvar so... be sure?

There is already the Aran and Evan class released in Global, there is now a Dual Blader class that has just been released in KMS. The new bowman class is released in the KMS test server, the name is not yet known (speculation state "Wild Hunter(?))

Can you switch jobs on Maplestory?

you could only do that on maple private servers , but not the global maplestory