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When does Dragonite learn outraage?

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lvl 64

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Can dragonite learn hydro pump?

No, Dragonite cannot learn Hydro Pump.

Can dragonite learn icebeam?

Dragonite can indeed learn ice beam, so yes.

What level does Dragonite learn flamethrower?

dragonite can't learn falmthrower by itself, but you can use the TM flamthrower.

Can Dragonite learn surf?

Dragonite Can Learn Cut - Fly - Surf - Strength - Defog - Rock Smash and Waterfall

What are the moves dragonite can learn?

Dragonite can learn a lot of moves except for some special moves from different types.

Can Dragonite learn sky attack?

No, there is no way through training, tutoring or breeding to make Dragonite learn sky attack.

Can Dragonite learn giga impact?

Almost All Pokemons In The 3rd Or 2nd Forms Can Learn Giga Impact so Can Dragonite

When does Dragonite learn outrage in Pokemon fire red?

dragonite learns it at level 61

Can Dragonite learn dragon claw?

So far in my soulsilver dragonite does NOT learn dragon claw.But luckily it can learn dragon claw by a TM.Anyway the TM is what you need to use.

What level does Dragonite learn thunderbolt?

The only way to teach Dragonite Thunderbolt is use TM24

What can Dragonite learn?

Check the marriliand pokedex

What level does Dragonite learn thunderpunch?

at the start

When does Dragonite learn Draco Meteor in Pokemon Soul Silver what level?

Dragonite can not learn Draco Meteor by leveling up. You teach it with a Move Tutor.

What lvl does Dragonite learn outrage?

lv 61

Can Dragonite learn outrage?

Yes at level 61

What level does Dragonite learn in fire-red?

DRAGONAIR evolves into DRAGONITE at Level 55 in Pokemon FireRed.

What level does Dragonite learn Hyper Beam in Pokemon HeartGold?

Dragonite learns Hyper Beam at level 73.

Can Dragonite learn thunderbolt in LeafGreen?

Yes, Dragonite can learn Thunderbolt. It learns it through the use of the Thunderbolt TM, which you can buy at the Celadon Game Corner for 4,000 coins.

Can Raichu beat Dragonite?

It depends on what moves, and what levels each Pokemon knows. Dragonite would probably be at an advantage though, since it can learn Earthquake, while raichu can't learn any moves that are super-effective against dragonite.

Whos better flygon or dragonite?

dragonite since his stats are better and he can learn all the HM plus on my soul silver game my dragonite is a realy big help

What level does Dragonite learn hyperbeam?

In the original Red Blue and Yellow versions, Dragonite learns hyperbeam at level 60.

Can Dragonite learn ice beam?

yes if you have an action replay

What level does Dragonite learn thunder?

I don't know man but Lance's Dragonite knows it. Maybe by TM. (This is for soul silver by the way)

Can a Dragonite learn hydro pump in Pokemon heartgold?

Yes if u have a dragonair and put on an everstone and when it learns, hydro pump, take off the everstone and it evolve into dragonite and dragonite has hydro pump.

When does Dragonite learn dragon claw?

you have to train them your self and when they reach the right level the learn dragon claw