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Jacob Black does not die in the Twilight Saga. He however is injured during the battle between the Seattle Newborn Army and the Olympic Coven/Wolves, from which he makes a complete recovery.

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Does Jacob Black in twilight die?

No he does not.

Does Jacob Black die in the book eclipse?

Nope, Jacob lives

How does jacob black die?

ummm... he doesn't.

Who does Edward Cullen go to see to die?

Jacob Black.

Does Jacob Black die in the twilight series?

SPOILER!!! Unfortunately, no.

Dose Jacob Black die in any of the twilight movies?

No, he does not die in the any of the books.

Who is stronger Edward Cullen or Jacob Black?

Edward Cullen is way stronger than Jacob not by physical strength, but because if Edward bite Jacob he will die!

What was the original answer for Does Jacob Black die in breaking dawn?

No. Definetly not I have read the book.

When was Jacob Black created?

Jacob Black was created in 2005.

Does renesmee Cullen and Jacob Black end up togethet?

Yeah. Then they both die.

How is Jacob Black a literary device in twilight?

Jacob Black ROCKS !

How could you go out with Jacob Black?

how could i go out with Jacob black

Where does Jacob Black live?

La Push, Washington is where Jacob Black lives.

Who is the next Jacob Black?

Taylor Lautner will be returning for his role as Jacob Black.

Who is the father of Jacob Black in Twilight?

Jacob Black's father is Billy Black.

How did thomas Jacob Black get his name jack black?

Jack is a nickname for Jacob.

What is Jacob Black phone number?

Jacob Black is not real. He has no phone number.

The tribe at la push that Jacob Black is in?

Jacob Black is in the Quileute tribe.

What day was Jacob Black born on?

Jacob Black was born on Jan. 14.

What is the breed of Jacob Black?

Jacob is a wolverine.

Will renesmee Cullen die?

no she will convince the votouri and live happily ever afer with Jacob black

Does Jacob die in the new twilight movie?

No, Jacob does not die.

Is edward cute than Jacob Black?

Yes, Edward is cuter that Jacob Black.

What are some Words that describe Jacob Black?

Jacob Black is caring, protective of Bella.

The real name of Jacob Black in twilight?

Taylor Lautner plays Jacob Black.