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its suppose to appear in stores before or after Christmas 2010

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When is Justin Biebers first album coming out?

his first album is coming out next month on September 15th. it would prob. in target and walmart=]

What is Justin Biebers new album called?

my world Justin Bieber's new album is called My World. His next album will be called My World part 2 in May or March. Justin Bieber's new album is called My World 2.0. His first one was called My World. his newest album which will be released in 2012 is called believe

What is Justin Biebers next music video?

nobody knows what is Justin biebers next music video when ill know ill tell you i can know even befor him

Who is Justin biebers next girlfriend?

Selena Gomez! He's dating her still..

When will Justin Biebers annouce his next music video?

in twitter on www.twitter.com/justinbieber

What are Justin biebers new songs?

Next to you dr.bieber heartache belive mamas boy runaway with me

What songs are on Justin Biebers next CD?

i know one is "Baby", maybe common denominator?

Where is Justin Biebers next stop?

currently he's on vacation right now, then nobody knows

Where is Justin biebers next cosert?

I believe he is either on a europe tour right now or on a break

Will Justin Bieber be in Philadelphia soon?

Justin will be coming to Philadelphia on his next tour. Which will be after his believe album comes out next summer.

Where was Justin Bieber taught?

He has been taught in Georgia. My friend told me. My friend used to go to the school right next to Justin Biebers school.

When is Justin Bieber's album part 2 coming out?

Justin Bieber's next album will be released on March 23rd 2010!!!!!yay! so excited!

When does Justin Bieber's album come out?

"My World" Came out on November 17, 2009. "My world 2.0" Came out on March 23, 2010 The acoustic album comes out November 22, 2010. an the other album comes out next year!

When is Justin Bieber making another album?

Justin has started work on his next albumand hopes to have it out by February 2010.

Is Justin bieber coming to alburquerque?

He has just finished his My World tour and he is making his next album 'believe' which will come out November 2011 right now. You never know he may come in the future :)

When does Iron Maiden new album come out?

Iron Maiden's next studio album probably won't come out until at least next year (2014).

When David Archuleta's next album come out?

his next album, a Christmas themed album entitled "Christmas from the heart" debuts on october 13, 2009.

What are Justin biebers slow songs called?

Down to Earth, First Dance, U Smile, Overboard, Never Let you Go, Up, and That Should Be Me. Some other slow songs of his not on his album(s) are: Next 2 You with Chris Brown and Common Denominator.

When is Justin bieiber's next album coming out?

Hey. he is only on his first.. And it will be coming out on the 17th of November. :)

Is next to you on justin bieber 's albulm?

No, but it's on Chris Brown's F.A.M.E. album.

Who is the girl from Justin biebers music video next to you?

This girl named Hannah Kane. She claims she went out with him and that she is the girl in the video. She is Caitlin Beadle's cousin.

How much money are Justin biebers back stage passes?

For his next tour in 2012, I'm getting them pretty cheap, for around 500 or 600.

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