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Prison break has ended there was a movie after season 4

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Q: When does Prison Break season 5 come out on DVD?
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When does prison break season 4 come out on DVD in England?

6th of July mate

Is prison break out on DVD?

yes prison break season 1,2,3 and 4 are out on DVD in regions 1 and 2

Did prison break ends at season 4?

no after season 4 there is a 2 hour DVD movie that came out called Prison Break: The Final Break.

Does prison break season 4 have the final break?

no the final break is sold in a individual DVD set source: i paid the same for the final break DVD as the whole season 4 DVD however it was only 15 dollars each :)

When is the DVD release date for prison break season 5?

There is no Prison Break season 5. Prison Break Season 4 is the the last season & returns to tv screens on Friday, April 17, 2009 in the US (8pm Eastern/7 pm Central) in the USA and and returns on Tuesday, April 21, 2009 in the UK. The season 4 DVD will be released in early summer. (June in the US/ July in the UK). Supposedly, a straight to DVD Prison Break 88-minute PB movie will be released later in the summer.

How do you watch how Michael died in prison break if prison break finished?

1. Online at 2. Watch the movie "The Final Break" on the 4th season DVD 3. Buy the seprate movie "The Final Break" from a DVD shop 4. Rent it at a DVD shop

When is release of prison break 3?

Prison Break season 3 was released on DVD in the US on August 12, 2008. Season 4 is expected to be released in early June/July of 2009.

When will prison break season 4 be released on DVD in the UK?

This title will be released on July 6, 2009.

Which site should you go search for prison break season 5?

None there was no season 5 however a two hour DVD called the final break was released after season 4 ended.

Prison break season 4 DVD release date?

I've heard about an 6/2/09 release

When is the next season of prison break?

Prison Break only had four seasons. It ran from August 29, 2005 until May 15, 2009. It was broadcast on Fox and is available on DVD.

How many seasons are there in prison break on DVD?

There are 4 seasons out on DVD.

How much does it cost to purchase Prison Break on DVD?

All four seasons of Prison Break can be purchased on Amazon for $94.99 with free shipping. If one would want to purchase only one season, those can be purchased for about $25 a season.

When will prison break 3 be released on DVD?

The Prison Break Season 3 DVD will be available for sale in the UK (Region 2) on May 19, 2008. It will cost £39.99. Bonus features will include "Between Takes", 13 Director's Take videos and a "Making of S03E01" featurette. No word yet on when Season 3 will be released on DVD in North America.

When was the movie 'Prison Break The Final Break' released on DVD?

July 21, 2009

When does season 9 NCIs come out on DVD in Australia?

when does ncis season 9 come out on dvd in australia

When will the modern family come out on DVD?

The first season has already come out on dvd.

When does chuck season 4 come out on DVD?

Both season 4 and 5 are out on DVD.

When does season 9 of smallville come out?

Smallville Season 9 has already came out on tv but right now they are taking a break. The DVD for Smallville Season 9 hasn't come out yet but it will and hopefully soon.

When does the sixth season of doctor who come out on DVD?

It is already out on DVD.

Is there a Season 4 for Prison break?

Prison Break is completing is 4th & final season returning on Fri, Apr 17, 2009 (US) & Tue, Apr 21 (UK) for its last 5 weeks ending with a double episode completing the season with 22 episodes & ending the series. DVD release for season 4 is Jun2 (US) & July 6 (UK)

When does prison break season 4 come to the UK?

PB season 4 returns on Fri, Apr 17, 2009 in the US and on Tue, Apr 21st UK to complete its final season for a 5 week run continuing on from episode 17 through 22....ending with a double episode on Fri, May 15th in the US. The Prison Break season 4 DVD set will be released in the UK on July 6 & June 2 in the US.

When does season 4 of weeds come to DVD?

Weeds season 4 DVD has been released

Prison Break The Final Break DVD UK release date?

ive seen promos. Its already out

Does Wal-Mart have make it or break it season 3 on DVD?

No it does not