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I do believe Ric Flair has an open contract, which means unless the WWE is given reason to fire him he can wrestle as long as he wants and feels like he can. He hasn't been Wrestling a lot lately though since he took that nasty fall off the turnbuckle when Kurt Angle knocked him off the ropes to the floor. Though I'm sure he will comeback and wrestle after he heals a bit from the nasty fall.


I don't believe Ric Flair will ever LEAVE the WWE. He will eventually quit wrestling but will then just work in the background on staff as does Sgt. Slaughter. We all get old and just can't do some things that we used to be able to. Such is the case with the Nature Boy. But for now and as old as he is he still has some spunk left in him!


Ric Flair is a prime example of someone who enjoys what he does for a living and i salute anybody who has found their passion in life. I don't expect flair too be leaving any time soon. but when he does there's a spot for him in the wwe hall of fame


Ric Flair retired from active wrestling in the WWE after Wrestlemania 24 when he lost his career on the line match with Shawn Michaels. The stipulation was that, if flair lost, he has to retire. Shawn beat Flair and that was his last match in the WWE. He makes sporadic appearances now and then, but has retired from wrestling.

I think he too old

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Q: When does Ric Flair leave WWE?
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When did ric flair leave WWE?

Ric Flair didn't leave WWE he had to retire if he lost to Shawn Michaels at WrestleMania 24 which he did. He is currently signed to TNA.

Did WWE Ric Flair die?

No, Ric Flair is still alive

Did ric flair die wwe?

No, Ric Flair is still alive

When ric flair coming back?

Ric Flair is done with the WWE he is currently is TNA

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No,he just left wwe.

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Why did ric flair leave WWE?

Ric Fair left wwe because Shawn Michales beat him at Wrestlemania 24 and mr. mcman said next time you lose a match his carre is over!

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Who is Ric Flair?

the best smackdown wrestler in the history of WWE

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A seamstress who works for WWE did them for him.

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no man he is at tna now

WILL Ric Flair come back to WWE?

No. He is Offcially retired.

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Ric Flair is a 16 time world champion. He has won championships in both WWE and the WCW.

How many titles did ric flair won?

ric flair won 16 wwe titles and many secondary and tag teams titles

How many championships did ric flair win?

Ric Flair is a 16 time world champion. He has won championships in both WWE and the WCW.