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When does Sora meet simba?


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Actually, Sora have the summon of him in kingdom hearts 1.If you don't mind.Why mushu know Sora in kingdom hearts 2.Beacause of summon!

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They did meet in Shippuden episode 54. Since Sora was a filler character it is unlikely he will return.

Sora and Roxas met at the end of Kingdom Hearts 2 in The World that Never Was.

No, not ever. They have separate games.

yes they meet but sora is in a deep sleep with namine trying to fix his memory during the time and for a brief uncontrolled battle in The World that Never Was

When he first met her in castle oblivion.

Sora was in the pod for a year. And he wasnt trapped, he did it to remember eveyrthing he forgot in Castle Oblivion

no you can not get simba

Simba and Nala apparently first met when they were young cubs when they were growing up in the Pride Lands. In the film, this isn't seen, as they are already close friends by the time we first see Nala.

Young Simba is simba but young. Young Simba grow when Young Simba following timon and pumba. I don't know who's Teen Simba. Teen Simba has a voice actor in lion king 3 or 1/2. Only part

Episode 54 Of Naruto Shippuden Series Episode is called "nightmare"

There is no "Sora" in Sora no Otoshimono, it means Heaven's Lost Property.

"Simba" means "lion" in Swahili.

VoiceOver ~Cub Simba - Jonathan Taylor ThomasTeen Simba - Matthew BroderickAdult Simba - Matthew BroderickAdult Simba [ Lion King 2 ] - Cam ClarkeSinging ~Cub Simba - Jason WeaverAdult Simba - Joseph WilliamsHope I helped! ;D

In Japanese. Sora means "Sora". 'Sora' means 'sky.' As in, 'aoi ano sora,' or 'blue sky.'

No, Scar killed Mufasa to become king. At the end of the movie, Simba killed Scar.-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------No, Simba did not kill Mufasa. When Simba found Mufasa dead, Scar lied to Simba about causing his father's death because Simba didn't know what death is. By the way, "Simba killed Scar" is incorrect. The hyenas killed Scar because he called them the "enemies".--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------No, Simba did not kill Mufasa. Scar lied to Simba about Mufasa'a death by saying Simba killed him but it was only because scar could be king. Simba did kill Scar the same way Scar killed Mufasa.In the movie Lion King, Simba did not kill Scar the hyanes did.

Sora and Roxas met when Donald, Goofy, and Sora were walking before a giant building in Twilight Town. Suddenly, Heartless appeared and distracted Donald and Goofy. Meanwhile, Sora suddenly found himself in the Station of Serenity in The World the Never Was, where you have to choose the Sword, the Staff, or the Shield (Strength, Magic, or Defense). Then, Sora looks at Roxas in his Organization XIII suit, and they fight a brief duel. After that, Roxas turns to Sora and says, "Hmph! You're a good other," and disappears. Then, Sora returns to Twilight Town.

In "The Lion King II: Simba's Pride," Simba's young daughter, Kiara, meets a fellow young lion cub named Kovu. Kovu is the son of Zira, Scar's widow. Simba knows this when the two cubs meet, so Simba tries to keep them apart. Zira is filled with anger about Simba killing Scar, and Simba knows that Zira would try anything to get at him, even if it meant using Kovu to get to Kiara.

Yes, on destiny island she also met riku.

Simba means lion in Swahili

No, Simba does not die.

Simba Technologies was created in 1991.

Jabari Simba is 5' 10".

Simba Wanyika was created in 1971.

simba obviously simba and mufasa are the strongest lions in the lion king series followed by kovu

The atmosphere in The Lion King changes from scene to scene:Cheerful and happy (presentation of Simba, the "I Just Can't Wait to Be King" sequence, when Simba and Nala reunite as adults, when Simba decides to return, the ending sequence)Suspenseful (when the hyenas chase Simba and Nala, the wildebeest stampede, when Simba is dangling off Pride Rock, when Simba confronts and fights Scar)Dramatic (when Simba sees his father's spirit in the clouds, when Nala and Simba argue, when Scar accuses Simba of killing Mufasa before the lionesses)

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