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When I was waiting for it to load I said, " It beter not say nvr. And now I am angry cuz all of the fans are waiting. What happened to Slade? His identity? Does Terra don't remember the titans? Who is the new X? What is in the Robins' briefcase? Are Starfire and Robin dating because of Trouble in tokyo. How bout BB and Raven?

In the year 2012. Teen Titans shorts were aired and the new version of Teen Titans (not a season 6 but an entire new full length feature).

the cast said they will if people send letters and such then they'll bring it back

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โˆ™ 2013-09-01 00:33:50
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Q: When does Teen Titans season 6 come out?
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Will there be a season 6 for the Teen Titans?


Will there be a season 6 of Teen Titans?

Sadly, no.

Is there going to be a Teen Titans season 6?

From what I have heard no there will not be a season 6. However, there will be a new spinoff show called Teen Titans Go! set to hit TV in 2013

Do they make a new season of Teen Titans?

all the way to season 6 i think

Can you buy Teen Titans season 6?

yes you can you can buy anything

When is the Teen Titans serial 6 coming?

There is not going to be a Teen Titans serial 6. However, there is going to be a new series called Teen Titans Go! which is a follow-up to the Teen Titans series. This will air in 2013 on Cartoon Network.

Will Teen Titans ever come back to TV?

Unfortunately, the Teen Titans will not be coming back to Cartoon Network. Reruns of the Teen Titans have been shown 10pm central time and 11pm eastern time. Teen Titans have "come back" to Cartoon Network on DC Nation Saturday mornings. Fans have gotten together nowadays to protest against the cancellation of the Teen Titans. Some have been saying Save Season 6 of the show but no info has been said for sure. To put in short NO they will not be coming back to continue the show sadly

What episode in Teen Titans do they meet Aqualad?

Season 1 episode 6 Deep Six Hopefully this helps :)

What are the release dates for Teen Titans - 2003 Spellbound 3-6?

Teen Titans - 2003 Spellbound 3-6 was released on: USA: 9 October 2004

What are the release dates for Teen Titans - 2003 Kole 5-6?

Teen Titans - 2003 Kole 5-6 was released on: USA: 4 November 2005

How tall is beast boy from teen titans?

"4 " 6

How many episodes of teen titans are there?

20 There isn't only 20 there is so so so so so much more. I searched and the teen titans have 65 episodes including the movie Teen Titans Trouble in Tokyo and The Lost Episode. There are 5 seasons because Cartoon Network terminated the show, so they didn't finish season 6.

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