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When DOES it begin? I could have sworn it already happened.

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What year did World War I and 2 begin?

World War 1 started in 1914 and World War 2 in 1939

The Holocaust begin in 1940 after World War 2?

The Holocaust was during World War 2

When did war World War 2 begin?

1939 - 1945

Why did the war begin for World War 2?

because they had 2 start with1 be for 2

Why did the World War 2 begin?

World War 2 began when Germany invades Poland in 1939.

When did the Cold War begin atfer the World War 2?


What country did World War 2 begin in?


What year was world war 2 begin?


In A Separate Peace how is it directly related to World war 2?

In the book A Seperate Peace when did World War 2 begin

What year did World War 1 and World War 2 begin in?

WW1 1914 WW2 1939

Why did world war World War 2 begin?

The Nazis attacked Poland on September 1st, 1939.

What year did food processing begin?

The World War 2

Why did world war 2 begin in Europe?

beacsue it a warrr

When did the war world 2 begin?

September 1st 1939

What country was attacked begin world war 2?

Poland was the first country to be attacked during World War 2. In fact, the Germany invasion of Poland was what CAUSED World War 2.

What year did word war 2 begin?

World War Two began in 1939.

How did World War 2 officially begin?

World War begins officially when The Attack on Pearl Harbor happens.

How did World War 2 revolution begin?

by a shot called all the round the world

When did the Soviet Union begin bombing Germany in World War 2?

Towards the last 2 years of World War 2, when Germany turned on the USSR.

27 In what year did World War 2 begin?

September 1939

Where did the World War 2 begin at?

Poland. Germany invaded it in 1939.

Where in Europe did world war 2 begin?

German invasion of Poland.

When did world war 1 and 2 begin?

1914 WWII 1939

What country did world war 2 begin?

Poland in September 1939

What country did Germany invade to begin world war 2?