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Artificial boundaries can cause problems when they do not align with natural or cultural divisions, leading to conflict or inefficiencies. They may also inhibit communication and cooperation between different groups and disrupt ecosystems or communities.

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Q: When does a artificial boundary cause problems?
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What is an artificial boundary of Ireland?

Northern Ireland is separated from the Republic of Ireland by a three-hundred-mile-long artificial boundary. Artificial military boundary separating one part of Ireland from the rest.

What are artificial boundaries?

An artificial boundary is a boundary that is man made instead of naturally formed by nature. These boundaries include fences and dams.

What is the definition of artificial boundaries?

An artificial boundary is a boundary made by humans, examples include dams, the fence at the border between the U.S and Mexico. A natural boundary is a boundary made by nature, a boundary that "happens" naturally, examples include rivers, mountains and such.

What is an artificial boundry?

An artificial boundary us is a man made thing... for example buildings are an artificial boundary so is a build in pool, and a park, a golf course and other things that man kind made

What is a artificial boundaries?

An artificial boundary is created where no other means of identification is available. Land divisions can be created by seas, rivers and mountains or something that indicates a limit. For example the Niagara River forms part of a boundary between the USA and Canada. If no obvious boundary is available, a political agreement is reached. This may then be known as an artificial boundary

What is the perimeter of a shape that is odd shaped?

It is the total length of its boundary. There is no need for the boundary to be made up of straight lines or even smooth curves. However, fractals do cause problems.

What is the artificial boundary of Alabama?

The artificial boundary of Alabama is defined by lines of latitude and longitude that were established during the state's original surveying and mapping. These boundaries are man-made and do not correspond to any natural geographical features.

Why is fruit punch good for you?

Nope it's most of it is artificial flavors and sugar. Artificial flavors aren't recognized by our bodies and large amounts of sugar aren't healthy and can cause health problems.

Which side is your boundrie?

Your boundary is any natural or artificial separation that delineates your land.

What natural boundary helps form California's northern border?

none it is entirely artificial

What has the author James Ward Brown written?

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