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When does a baby stand?

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All babies grow and learn at different rates. My son wasn't standing on his own until he was 10 months old. Some do it a lot earlier though. My friend's daughter was standing and walking at 7 months old.

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What does the color baby blue stand for?

The baby is a boy.

How long does it take for a baby horse to stand after birth?

It takes a baby horse (foal) about an hour to stand after birth.

What does mattyb stand for?

Matty baby

How did you get your baby emus to stand?

Emus are ready to stand within seconds of hatching.

On My Baby Girl how do you make the baby stand up and hold on to something?

well what you have to do is makeit crawl and speak to itlowly and use your rattle to make it stand and encourage it to stand up with voice and rattle.

What does neurotransmitter stand for?

Whatever you want it to be baby.

How much does a Baby trend sit n stand plus stroller weigh?

The Baby Trend Sit N Stand Plus weighs 30lbs.

How quick should a baby rhino stand up after its born?

Usually, a baby Rhino, (calf), will be able to stand up quite steadily about an hour after its born.

What is happening when the baby goat can't stand up?

There may not be nothing wrong if the baby goat can't stand up right after the birth. The baby goat may need a couple of hours to rest after delivery.

Is it instinct for a baby horse to stand up right after it is born?

Yes, the instinct tells the baby to stand as soon as possible because in the wild that is the most vulnerable time when the baby can't run to get away from danger

What is sb stand for?

it stands for sugar baby apparently :)

Why does a baby giraffe walk soon after its born?

A baby giraffe can stand up after a hour after its birth

In the seventh month of my baby boy ds game how do you get your baby stand up on firm legs?

how to get your baby boy to stand upyou pick him up first then you put his legs on the ground and wait for a star to come up

Where does beyonce's career stand today?

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When will your baby be able to stand up?

starting 10 months..

Why wont your baby chick stand up?

maybe it is tired

What does imyb stand for in text talk?

It means "I Miss You Baby"

How tall is a baby alpaca?

A baby alpaca (called a cria) will stand around 2.5 feet tall at birth.

How do you teach a baby bird to fly?

Well basically you stand In front of the baby bird and flap your wings and the baby bird watches you and starts to fly.

Why would a baby deer need to stand up minutes after birth?

Fawns or baby deer need to stand up right after birth so that they do not fall prey to predators. A baby deer that cannot stand up and walk or run soon after birth is much more likely to fall prey to any number of predators.

What does SPG stand for in basketball?

Steals Per Game baby boy

Who is the father of Staceys baby?

The father is Ryan, who she had a one night stand with.

What the great seal stand for?

Freedom, Apple Pie, and Baby Jesus.

How long does it take for a baby horse to stand up when born?

a "baby horse" or foal can stand almost as soon as it is born. it may have trouble standing at first, but with a helpful nuzzle from its mare, it can manage on its own.

Does a combi shuttle car seat fit a baby trend sit n stand stroller?

Baby Trend claims that almost any car seat will fit into their sit n stand strollers.

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